State of Education Report 2017 state-of-education-booklet-Final-WEB - Page 12

Which of the following solutions are you implementing, if any, to achieve greater financial efficiency or generate income in your school? 42% 24% Offering staff members’ services to other schools/organisations Letting buildings and facilities 32% Collaborating with other schools in other ways “We use qualified staff to offer fitness classes to the wider community for a small cost” 18% Sharing staff with other schools 21% Sharing curriculum resources with other schools 25% Sharing contracts for services with other schools 16% Nothing at present Building partnerships with local businesses 10% Setting up on-site nursery provision 4% Seeking donations from alumni 23% Other “We have a very active PTA who generate £1,000s of pounds each year” STATE OF EDUCATION 2017 | WWW.STATEOFED.THEKEYSUPPORT.COM 13% “A nearby school has bought a bus and we make a nominal payment to use it” PAGE 12