STARTUP 2 - Page 88

Still Lifes

Learoyd’s still-life compositions concentrate on tactile qualities and the visual power of form and space, texture and weight. His subjects range from exotic fauna to common materials such as thread. In I Just Couldn’t Wait (2014) and Fish Heart (2008), string creates intricate geometries to articulate the rigging of a miniature ship’s masts or to truss a cuttle fish, while Colored Cotton 2 (2010) examines thread in its own right, emphasizing the complex layers of a colorful tangled mass. For his photograph of an antique mercury mirror, Learoyd focused on the patina from the tarnished metal alloy beneath the glass, revealing delicate designs that mimic a star-strewn night sky. In another image, he captured the contorted corpse of a flamingo set atop a sheet of glass, highlighting its brilliant plumage and unusual shape.

Richard Learoyd, Large Flamingo, 2012, Silver-dye bleach print

Image: 172.7 × 121.9 cm (68 × 48 in.) Lent by Richard Learoyd, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

© Richard Learoyd, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco