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The people are underage Stefano Cagol


Invited by Christian Jankowski, Cagol has taken part to Manifesta 11 European contemporary art biennial in Zurich in the Cabaret Voltaire section dedicated to the centenary of the Dada movement born in this city 100 years ago.

Cagol participated with a performative speech entitled "The people are underage."

How much of our personal freedom could we sacrifice for our common security? A state of freedom, or a state of order? Freedom and control ...

The room reserved for Manifesta at Cabaret Voltaire where Cagol triggered a confrontation between these two sides of our society doing Russian roulette with a chief inspector of the Italian State Police was really full. Cagol started from a video and sound reworking of a monologue with Gian Maria Volontè from "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion" made by Elio Petri in 1970 that was projected in the background.

The artist has prepared a coffee with moka pot with a small gas stove, then shared a cup of coffee with the character on stage gazing with intimidating looks the audience. From a symbolic red drape Cagol pulled a gun and the scene has evolved dramatically in a direct comparison between the two up to a Russian roulette between the artist and the representative of the 'power'. In this case the shot exploded ruled in favor of the artist! But, in a sort of unexpected bonus track, Cagol reloaded his revolver and then shot himself in the mirror saying with a megaphone the concluding sentence of the performance: "The dispute between art and power will never never never never never never ... Die ", the dispute between art and power will never end. The performance lasted about ten minutes tightened an enthusiastic public surprised by this strong reference to Italian culture that has led to different levels of reading really contemporary.

Cagol has exceptionally performed at Cabaret Voltaire together with Mario Garavelli, chief inspector of the Italian State Police, judicial police detective involved in anti-drug and anti-Mafia Unit for the North-East Italy District Department.