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Protest is an exhibition of historical and contemporary works by sixteen artists concerned with the socio-political issues of their day, who question the status quo and the power structures found within societies, and who take the language of protest as a means to explore its potency. Taking as a starting point Alice Neel’s 1936 painting, Nazis Murder Jews, which depicts a Communist party torchlight parade through the streets of New York City, the exhibition presents historical works in addition to new and recent works by artists who address issues including migration, censorship, struggles for equality and democracy. These do not document protests per se. Rather, through image, composition, gesture, material, form or concept they serve as meditations on contemporary issues or as calls to action – inspiring consideration of possibilities for a life of freedom and unity, an insistence on human rights, and continued dialogue around the immediate social and political issues which confront our global community.

Isaac Julien Western Union Series no. 10 (Sculpture for the New Millennium), 2007

Duratrans image in lightbox 120 x 300 cm 47 1/4 x 118 1/8 in Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro, London © Isaac Julien