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The concept of GAAB reflects the wide geographical spread of the participants, ranging from the Middle East to Eastern Asia. In between the annual fairs GAAB is planned to occupy a niche of online art trade including a virtual gallery and a specialized auction.

The project was called ‘The Great Silk Road 2.0’ already a year before its launch. Its name refers to a trade route from China to overseas countries that passed through Poland in Medieval times. On June 9th, 2012 the official presentation of WACAW was held in Warsaw, Poland. The event brought together artists, curators and academicians specialized in Asian contemporary art: Paul Gladston and Lynne Howarth-Gladston (United Kingdom), Alexandre Gurita (France), the Le Brothers (Vietnam), Thibaut de Ruyter (Germany), Gaisha Madanova (Kazakhstan), Tashi Norbu (Tibet), Elvira Eevr Djaltchinova-Malec (Poland). The presentation was followed by a public talk featuring the mentioned names and a live performance by Tashi Norbu (artist) and Maria Chybowska (fluitist).