STARTUP 2 - Page 139

happened in Italian country tradition during summer months. A clear symbol of rebirth for a society that Michelangelo Pistoletto imagines based on values ​​such as sharing, participation, cooperation, respect and sustainability. The performance, in this case, has also had a really strong spiritual component.

Note: The relationship between Pistoletto and religion is really closed. Do you remember at the end of the seventies the exhibition "Division and multiplication of the mirror. Art Takes On Religion" where Pistoletto announced two basic directions along which he will develop his work? At the first step, division and multiplication of the mirror, Pistoletto arrived dividing the mirror into two and shifting the two sides to form an angle so that one part is able to reflect the other. So if the capitalist system first multiplies and then divides, first of all the new society has to divide (ie share) and then multiply what it shared. Sharing must be the logical alternative to the accumulation and exclusion, two typical characteristics of capitalism.