STARTUP 2 - Page 135

Terzo Paradiso/Rebirth Day performance at Ashram Joytinat in Corinaldo (Italy) is part of a worldwide series of events and exhibitions. One of the most articulate artistic oper-actions collectively created in recent years. Thanks to the curatorship of Fulvio Chimento and Raffaele Quattrone Terzo Paradiso was hosted for the first time in an ashram (in Sanskrit it means "street of difficulties" but it can be translated also as "retreat"), a place that welcomes people from different social backgrounds regardless of gender, religion or nationality, and in which the cornerstone is Karma Yoga (where Karma means "action" and Yoga "union"). Ashram Joytinat is a Vedic community founded by the Indian Master Swami Joythimayananda, where daily activities are carried out with the mindset to offer Seva ("services") performing their work without expectations. These concepts born in Asia are really closed to the poetry of Michelangelo Pistoletto, which is focused on "demoprassia", that is "to practice real acts of creative civic engagement", and the holographic belief that "each mirror fragment is part of the Great mirror as it retains all the features and quality."