STARTUP 2 - Page 126

they remain deeply entangled because to separate any from the others is to diminish each. According to Tornero's search the Dionysian happening in several forms and values: metamorphosis, returns, dreams. All the appearances seem to move, collapse and grow elsewhere. It is the union between life and death. It reveals its regeneration in an another level. It is open like plastic images to interpretations and revisions. Finally “Montorio” that is Juan Zamora's project. Montorio means mountain of gold, and it takes the name from the Janiculum hill (where is located the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome) due to the golden color of its land. Janiculum comes from the god Janus, primordial deity of inputs and outputs, beginnings and endings. Starting from these ideas Zamora's project wants to sanctify (from the concept of praying) the most humble materials of the territory by collecting indigenous natural elements (such as plants, stones, water, etc.) that refer to the condition of two-headed deity, to carry out a series of works as brief notes on the eternal.