STARTUP 2 - Page 12

Alberto Di Fabio, Aurico, 2016, acrilico su tela, 150x150 cm

Courtesy the artist and Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea

research of Di Fabio more than a problem of form aims a content problem. Therefore, any reflection on the work of Di Fabio cannot ignore the systemic analysis of the various parts involved.

In the new group of artworks on display at Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Alberto Di Fabio further elaborates this theme by giving new impetus and energy to his artistic research. “Corpo di luce” (Body of Light), “corpo denso” (dense body), “corpo astrale” (astral body), “corpo aurico” (auric body), “energia fosfenica” (phosphenic energy), “veicoli di coscienza” (vehicles of consciousness), “individuo magnetico” (magnetic individual) ... are some of the names of the works and introduce us in a world of beauty, energy, spirituality. We human beings are more complex than we appear. Not only matter. We are not only physical. We are also energy and spirituality. We are energy in motion. Maybe contrary to what we