STARTUP 2 - Page 110

uncomfortable and extremely difficult to address. Nevertheless if we take the step to confront these contradictions how do we find workable methods to expose art mirroring Global Capitalism, where on a certain level art is the clearest example and symbol of Global Capitalism. Yet we want to use the space of art to evaluate this from inside, against the background of the exhaustion and dead end of critical regulatory thinking. There are a cluster of groups and practitioners who confront these problems and whose very strategy blurs and tests out the fixity of art as ready-made, to frustrate the perpetual replicating of the identical format from one exhibition and project to the next, the fixing, naming, replicating, limiting language and thinking to the existing order, where we end up opposite to the critical position against the stasis of the existing order and its political system. How is it possible (or even rationale and sensible) to organise an exhibition that captures these practices, which is even difficult when the exhibition format treats fixed entities, unless it takes a fluid and performative approach. Here the surface form is fixed to obscure from the viewer fluid constant changes, although the surface appearance are repeatedly swapped, exchanged, moved, where we find continuous flux in stark contrast to fixity, clarity and difference.

Detail of installation – technological equipment and screens [in memory of Sturtevant]