STARTUP 2 - Page 107

Organised by David Cheers

Ideas for an exhibitionless practice

Outline for an exhibition that doesn’t need to take place. To do two things. Establish “an imageless art practice” and through its construction bring together artists and groups that question the existing formation of art, individual and group exhibition format, and the ready-made artist*.

What is an imageless art practice?

It is a way of engaging with art without using its forms, platforms, content, concepts, so stripping away the visual material content of existing art platforms.

To work out what an imageless art practice is I want to adopt methods from film and theatre, with reference to the structure of a novel, by organising (my) thinking and text in the form of a series of “Out Takes and Rehearsals”. To try out different styles, to pose questions and to go down different threads of thinking that gravitates towards a type of text that captures “an imageless art practice.” However at this stage we have to ask ourselves can any text embody an imageless art form? [Or is that a different question?] Whatever the answer is, and whatever this entity is, I want to link establishing an imageless art practice with assembling a new platform outside obsolescence and stasis to rupture the existing order*. The regime of non-growth and non-development that hinders development*, and where it is redundant to think of any other idea before this fundamental problem is resolved, because new work and new concepts are unable to say anything.

During the reception: curator Camilla Boemio, Sharief Habib Al Awadhi, artist David Goldenberg with the co-Founder of AAC Platform Fabrizio Orsini