Stark HR Magazine Jan/19 - Page 9

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person you are

probably struggling with compensation questions like:

- What do you offer to a new hire, particularly a senior leadership role? What if they ask for more?

- What do you do about one-off salary or equity increase requests?

- What do you do about high performing recent graduates?

- How and when should you offer increases or promotions?

- Should you counter offer if one of your employees gets a higher offer?

There is a simple, scalable, transparent compensation system that will work for almost all startups. Here are some golden rules for compensation and a system that strikes the fine balance between a startup’s needs and keeping employees happy.

Best StartUP Compensation Strategies



People frequently find compensation and performance management overwhelming or bureaucratic, but at this point, a system that is relatively simple, clearly communicated, and fair makes a huge difference.

Working in a startup is a chance to start from the beginning and say to everyone, ‘Okay, here is how salary works. Here is how equity works. Here’s how bonuses are calculated." - but where should you start?