Stark HR Magazine Jan/19 - Page 5

s you raise capital

and have more

money to account for, it's a good idea to bring in a financial professional.

However, donĀ“t go big and hire a CFO. Instead, hire someone at the director or VP level and hire a CFO later on.

Additionally, as you seek to expand into new markets or further scale your existing opportunity, it may benefit you to hire experienced sales and marketing personnel.

Find support with experienced colleagues

A group of experienced colleagues can be one of your greatest assets as a startup HR person.

All of your advisors and peers can be helpful, but look for people with experience to back up their advice. Ideally your colleagues have also likely been through the startup process before, maybe more than once, and can help you navigate the waters as you build your business.

Outside insight can be tremendously helpful, but remember that you, as an HR executive, must be comfortable with the decisions being made as your organizational structure takes shape.

You should absolutely listen to your team, peers, advisors and supporters, but at the end of the day, the most important person you will have to answer to is yourself, so make sure you are in line with the decisions that are being made for your company.