Stark HR Magazine Jan/19 - Page 20

9 Reasons

Why People Should Join your Startup

Here are 9 reasons why a candidate should join a startup

1. A unique growth opportunity

The best candidates aren't solely motivated by salary. They are often motivated by the opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged. Put your best employees in a position where they can succeed, develop new skills and do things they wouldn't have the opportunity to do elsewhere. For example, at a startup you can pitch the ability to have an impact on multiple parts of the business and grow with the company.

2. The ability to get the most out of limited resources

One thing that you can do is offer sales commissions to your hires who bring new business opportunities to your company. This is a nice way to allow your hires to turbocharge their earnings, plus it helps them learn your business, feel like part of the team, and get them talking about your business. You can also do the same type of thing and offer your hires a finder's fee for bringing in new talent. This can ultimately come out cheaper than hiring recruiting firms and it gets you a new team member who already has some familiarity with your current employees.

3. The ability to learn

While startup perks (snacks, ping pong, etc.) can be compelling, the best way to get and retain employees is to give them an experience they can't get elsewhere. Big companies can offer employees lots of money, lots of perks, and in some cases, lots of equity. A startup's advantage is that their employees have the ability to learn new things. By all means you should offer a salary and equity package that's good enough, but you need to play off your strengths in your ability to help your employees learn and grow.

4. Diverse responsibilities

The advantage of working at a new company isn't the salary. It's the opportunity to do work that helps you master a variety of transferable skills, or skills that are relevant across roles and industries. In one year at a startup, for example, you might get experience in project management, client relations, sales, marketing and finance. A large company might pay you more, but chances are you'll be pigeonholed in only one of these areas and your professional development will be exponentially slower.

Working in a startup is not about free snacks or midday ping pong. It's a great way to kick-start a career and make a bigger impact.