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A lot of startups share the same mythical origin story — a couple close friends plotting and scheming in a basement or garage, trying to build a company that will change the world. But, if they're lucky, the story doesn't stop therel

Working in a startup is a chance to start from the beginning and say to everyone, ‘Okay, here is how salary works. Here is how equity works. Here’s how bonuses are calculated. " - but where should you start?

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opening up to HR and

they’re going digital with everything. It’s the time of year for HR to reflect and move forward.

From the employee experience to GDPR, HR has experienced its share of forced transformation in how it thinks and what it’s responsible for. Yet, has anything really changed?

Our magazine will discuss the current and future uses of emerging technologies in HR, whether HR is any closer to earning a coveted seat at the table, and what other colleagues can teach us.

Our first edition is all about Startups and HR. It really doesn´t matter if you are a small business or a multibillion company, startups have identical issues and HR is one of them.

We are also really excited about sharing HR success cases from our colleagues worldwide. Do you have something you would like the world to know? Then send us an e-mail at and we will spread the word.

Enjoy the reading!


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The hiring process can be challenging, from sourcing candidates, screening and interviewing them to making the final evaluations. Here are six steps to help your recruiting efforts


Employer Branding for Startups 18

When running and growing a startup, your employer brand is probably not the first thing on your mind, but it can play a huge role in influencing the kind of talent you’re bringing in.

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Sucess cases from talented HR colleagues looking for a new opportunity

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”

-Doug Conant, former CEO

Campbell Soup Company