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Grace Cheng’s work Moonrise in aedge 2019 surfaced her experiences juggling motherhood and teaching work and expresses art making as a form of escapism. above of their teaching work, not just by colleagues but also by themselves. While the teacher-artist model creates a win-win situation for an individual’s personal development, it also becomes a burden to bear. In order to resolve these challenges, I propose that the definition of an “art practice” could be reimagined in a way that is infused into, rather than on top of the teaching practice. What does it mean to practice? Our current frame of art practice is production-focused and revolves around individual expression through art objects . Yet in Postmodernism, where the death of painting and sculpture gives way to conceptual and socially-engaged art making processes, perhaps the act of teaching art in itself has already become an artistic action. Joseph Beuys once exclaimed, “Teaching is my greatest work of art.” In teaching students how to think about art, art teachers are modelling not just how to be an artist, but also how to be an art critic, a theorist, an appreciator and more. This transmission of artistic disposition can be seen as a way to practise art. By reframing how we look at art, de Duve’s predictions might already be a reality. References: Day, M. (1986). “Artist-Teacher: A Problematic Model for Art Education”: The Journal of Aesthetic Education. 20(4), 38-42. Lynn, D. (2017). “Art Teachers’ Perceptions of the Relationship between Personal Artistic Creative Work and the Practice of Teaching”: Educational Studies Dissertations. 126. Smith, W. (1970). “The Teacher as Artist”: The Journal of General Education. 22(3), 209-211. 76 A semicolon is used to join 2 or more ideas (parts) in a sentence, indicating that those ideas are of equal position or rank. In the context of a;edge 2020, the semicolon signifies giving equal importance to both traditional and contemporary art forms. It also shows how the art forms can come about together seamlessly to create a new form of artistic expression. How they might, when combined, birth a new and more meaningful idea that reflects the lived experience of our time. a;edge 2020 will be on view at the SOTA Art Gallery between 4 to 13 Mar 2020. This exhibition is brought to you by our team of art teachers! Guest Curator Tan Wee Lit Teacher-Curators Zaki Zulfakar Ang Kok Yeow Teacher-Programme Managers Tan Shun Ru Lee Gim Fang Teacher-Designers Muhammad Razali Poh Shu Hui Visual Arts Faculty, SOTA Lead Teacher (Art) Marsiling Sec Art Teacher Xinmin Sec Assistant Year Head CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ Sch (Sec) Art Teacher Zhenghua Pri Subject Head Lianhua Pri Art Teacher St. Stephen’s School There will also be a series of teacher-led programmes such as curators’ tour, sharing of artistic processes and art-making sessions lined up. Register your interest with this LINK and look out for more details on our a|edge Facebook page! 77