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Why did I Sign up for CAPS! 2019 – The Stories in the Sculpt Influenced by the craze of the toy-making industry in pop culture, I was keen to try toy sculpting for myself. Consumer demand has made designer toys a booming business -- fan conventions like Comic-Con International and specialty toy shops draw big crowds. Designer toys, whether oversized or pocket-sized, are typically made from materials like resin, vinyl or wood. Some are original designs by urban artists, but most have pop-culture roots. The entertainment industry has been quick to license characters for designer toys to promote movies, TV series and video games. CAPS! 2019: The Stories in the Sculpt with Sam Lo Joyce Chia Keh Ling Subject Head (Aesthetics) West Spring Secondary School Super Sculpey Super Play – Igniting the Joy of Learning in Art Teachers A group of art teachers came together for this CAPS! workshop to get creative with polymer clay and epoxy putty. Together with Singaporean artist, Sam Lo and sculptor Daniel Yu, we went through a journey of exploring the creative processes to create our very own sculpted ‘Art Toys’. 70 Teacher-artists engrossed in creating their art toys. We were given a theme -- Our ‘alter ego’, and we each created a character depicting our persona and personality. It was also timely for me to learn toy-sculpting as I wanted to explore sculpting techniques to further develop my art practice, and to prepare for my art lessons on character design. As art teachers, I believe that we are also learners, and being involved in hands- on art-making enables us to enrich the learning we bring to our students. Having gone through the processes, we are better able to connect with our students in terms of the subject matter, help them be aware of their artistic strengths and weakness and appreciate the artistic process as a journey filled with ambiguity, failures and successes. Exploring a new fun medium Super Sculpey and Epoxy Putty are new mediums to me. Initially, I found them challenging to work with, but with practice I became more familiar handling them. Super Sculpey has a medium density that could be softened a little by kneading the clay. It feels like carving a wax surface whilst working with tools as the clay holds what you add or subtract from the form. Impressions do not “pinch” or “drag” the clay; sharp edges are easy to create and overall, the clay feels very malleable. 71