STAR-POST (Art) January 2020 FINAL_STAR Post Art Jan 2020 - Page 64

Through Yoko’s sharing on self-care, we learnt about the three-ring theory and the importance of safeguarding the outermost circle of the ring -- our personal boundaries. This is the key to better work-life balance and self-care; we should not let other elements spill over into our personal space and time. During the workshop, we were also engaged with various book-making activities such as making books anew again via destruction, learning the kettle stitch, and using old catalogues, pamphlets with other materials to create book sculptures. These activities served as good ideas to be shared with our students. We could think about the ways through which we approach paper and text as a medium so as to engage our students in critical thinking and help them perceive books in a different light. Our project Learning alongside fellow art teachers through this workshop, we had the opportunity to share and listen to issues faced by both beginning teachers and experienced teachers. Through these discussions, we came to realisation that we are not alone in facing similar issues as art educators. The shared experience led us to develop our book project- Never Say Earlier. 64 Each section of the book - Never Say Earlier was created by the eight teacher-participants with Michael Lee mentoring us throughout the process. Working collaboratively to support one another through the process was the key to our success in completing the book within the short time frame. The ideas gained from the collaborations and discussions helped us to conceptualise our book – the content and how the book should be presented. This experience of us working together echoed the importance of group work in our classrooms where students learn from the process, the fundamental skills of working as a collective unit toward a common goal, time management, resource allocation and communication skills. 65