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Contemporary Art Practices in Schools!(CAPS!) 2019 C APS! 2019 comprised an Artists’ Talk and a series of four exciting workshops and open studio sessions. Over the 5-day workshop, our art teachers had opportunities to experience contemporary inquiry-based approaches to art making. They investigated ideas, materials and technical processes under the mentorship of Singapore contemporary artists – David Chen, Michael Lee, Sam Lo and Zul Othman. David’s workshop revisited some of the fundamentals of art-making through the exploration of over-arching concepts such as observation, transformation and translation. Using inquiry-based tuning exercises, teachers examined some of the most basic concepts of art and recaptured some of the nuances of creation, such as the potential of colour, form, viewer experience, etc. In Michael’s workshop, philosophies and methods of self- care in the context of art educators in Singapore were explored. Discussions began with the observation that 56 teacher-artists in Singapore are overworking to near- burnout juggling art teaching duties, professional art practice and personal life. Other topics discussed included -- What do today’s teacher-artists need—or want? How does one perform self-care under the pressures to perform? What would make the life and work of teacher-artists in Singapore more tolerable? Guest-presenters invited to share at this workshop included – Yoko Choi, Pixie Tan, Tan Guo-Liang and Renée Ting. Sam Lo together with sculptor Daniel Yu took the teachers on a journey of exploring the fine art of sculpting through “Art Toys”. Through this immersive and hands-on workshop, teachers experienced storytelling in the process of ideation and creation. They were also introduced to and got to work with a range of moldable materials that were fun, manageable, and easily accessible for both private practice and classroom settings. The studio was abound with excitement as our teachers explored the endless possibilities. For the teachers who joined Zero’s workshop, they were guided through the fundamentals of graffiti painting. Teachers enjoyed learning the basics of letter styling, urban character design and collaborative approaches in a graffiti mural production. They got their hands dirty and experienced first-hand the unique mannerisms of pressurized aerosol paints. Using the spray can, they learnt of the frustration artists faced with this less than orthodox medium of art. 57