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METHODOLOGY With the simple use of technology and adaptation from STAR’s Toolkit -- Let’s Talk About Art, ‘Project ARTiculate’ aims to make talking about art fun, interactive & self-directed for all students of all ages. Cr i t i ca l I nqu i ry P r oje ct 20 1 9 : P R O JEC T A R T ICUL A TE! ABOUT Elana Tan Art Teacher Xinghua Primary School T alking about art is an inquiry process that hones critical thinking and meaning-making in students. It is a launching pad for cognition, collaboration and creativity. Art discussion also develops observational skills, empathy as well as connection with history. As students these days are very technologically savvy from a young age, I decided to use technology to entice them to talk more about art. I found an application on the iPad -- Daily Decision Wheel. This is an app that an indecisive person can use to make decisions. I adapted this app and customised the options, keying in questions from the Let’s Talk About Art toolkit, e.g. What do you see; What do you think the artist is trying to say; Guess the art medium used, etc. However, across all my art classes from P1 to P6, I realised that students do not engage in conversations or discussions about art without being facilitated or directed to do so, let alone outside the art classroom. Usually discussions are teacher-led, where teachers would ask the questions and usually it will be the same students who would raise their hands to answer. The shy ones would often remain very quiet; their opinions and thoughts left unheard. P4 class: In groups of 5 -- Tuning-in Art discussion 40 Bearing in mind these observations, I did a quick survey to better understand the needs and interests of my students. These findings point to one thing -- children want discussions on art to be fun and interactive. Many of my students found it boring to just look at the screen and then answer the teachers’ questions about the artworks. Some also mentioned that they have no avenue or opportunities to talk about art outside of curriculum. 41