STAR-POST (Art) January 2020 FINAL_STAR Post Art Jan 2020 - Page 36

3. Consult the User Immediately after, to collect their inputs in a visual manner, students were tasked to co-create their dream room in small groups. From their models, I found that: • Tables should allow for communal seating Based on the first round of inputs, I showed examples of possible furniture and layouts for the room to allow for discussion and modifications. We discussed simple questions such as, ‘Should the tables be rectangular or round?’, ‘Is the carpet for stepping on or sitting?’, and ‘What else have we not yet considered?’ • They wanted a carpeted/curtained rest area with cushioned seating • A snack pantry and printing facilities were fundamental and must be allocated space • Plants should be included 4. Making it Happen Teachers coordinated the timeline of the project, arranging for the disposal of bulky items, and the delivery of new furnishings. When the room was cleared and the new furnishing had arrived, students helped in building and positioning the furnishing. I hoped that this act of working on the furnishing together would increase their ownership of the classroom. 36 37