STAR-POST (Art) January 2020 FINAL_STAR Post Art Jan 2020 - Page 32

“Most of the time we don’t notice the effects of the environment on us because we are too preoccupied with the normal trials of life.” Keedwell P. (2017) Headspace. London, Quarto Publishing R e think ing Tea chi n g Sp ac es , Refra mi n g Sta r ting Poi n ts Lorraine Lee Subject Head (Art Elective Programme) National Junior College I Another challenge to be faced by these students was in February 2019, when these students would be them doing their Visual Arts tasks on laptops. Most would be facing a wall, almost in a panopticon fashion, with extension cords creeping around the floor, tasked to multiply 2 socket points into 20! n late 2018, Sec 3 art students entered the room they would come to call ‘home’ for 2019. An uninspiring, inherited mess greeted them -- cupboards spilled over with leftover materials, hefty wooden tables with tiny drawers stuffed with mysterious items, and old canvases and boxes hoarded the remaining wall space. As the students worked on wiping the tables and mopping the floors, their two art teachers were on their knees digging out the ancient muck from the sink trap. 32 33