STAR-POST (Art) January 2020 FINAL_STAR Post Art Jan 2020 - Page 30

Creating High Quality Work: Motivation Versus Frustration CBL cultivates a curious mind and nurtures creative voices. At times, a lack in technical skills can be a limiting factor for students to realise their full potential. As a result, they may be discouraged or frustrated. It is thus crucial for teachers to step in to support, motivate and challenge them at the right time. High quality work can only happen when students are motivated to do their best. I learnt that students could be inspired to challenge themselves to create more meaningful art. When they felt a sense of accomplishment, they gained confidence and ownership of their own work. Choice-Based Learning: Do More Than Just Creating An Artwork Despite the complexity of an open-ended art task, CBL is effective for the simple reason that it triggers the children to discover the “what”, “how” and “why” due to the experimental nature of this strategy. The key to learning is to promote autonomy and help our students develop inquisitive thinking beyond classrooms. Only then will we will be able to see students produce highly distinctive works and they shine as unique individuals with a strong personal voice. Students were challenged to develop their technical and thinking skills with consider- ation to the purpose of their artwork. 30 31