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“ W hat is art when the artwork lacks character and personal voice?” This Choice-Based Learning motivates students to be self-directed agents of their learning. Nur tu ring Crea ti ve Vo i c e s Th r ou g h Cho i ce -B a se d L e arning i n Art Educa ti on Ang Kok Yeow Art Teacher Zhenghua Primary School 22 question asked during a vendor-run art programme got me thinking. I had started to notice a similar compositional style in my students’ artwork and their loss of interest in the subject over time. As I reflected upon this, I asked myself, “How would I have done my lessons differently?” This question popped into my mind again when I attended the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conference held last year in Boston. I had the privilege to listen to Ms. Janet Taylor, an inspiring fellow art educator and advocate of Choice-Based Learning (CBL), who shared about how she transformed her art classroom into a nurturing CBL environment that impacted changes, helped students discover their creative voices, and honed their artistic skills. 23