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n Ja ents t n 40 44 Working towards Reaching All Students through Differentiated Instruction in the Art Classroom 4 14 22 Victoria Loy 48 Choice-Based Learning and Differentiated Instruction in Art Lisa Lok 52 Nurturing Creative Voices Through Choice-Based Learning in Art Education Elana Tan 74 January 2020 Editor Cover Design & Illustrations Seow Ai Wee Deputy Director (Art) & Master Teacher (Art), STAR Teo Chor Howe Authentic-Assessment in the Art Classroom -- Some Considerations Candice Lee Reflecting on Authentic Assessment in the Art Classroom Tan Wanxin Sherry Contemporary Art Practices in Schools! (CAPS!) 2019 Reframing Art teachers as Active Art Practitioners Miao Hanqing Lorraine Lee STAR-Post (Art) Foreword Making Marks -- Leveraging on Technology to Develop Thinking and Ownership of Learning Ang Kok Yeow Rethinking Teaching Spaces, Reframing Starting Points 32 56 Project ARTICULATE! Low Sok Hui Senior Teacher (Art), Eunoia JC W e live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world” is a phrase I often hear in conversations about current political and economics situations. In the context of the local education system, we are ourselves seeing rapid changes that might have generated uncertainties in designing learning experiences, and created complexities in implementation that has been challenging to navigate. Our role as educators is to equip students with future-oriented skills and foster global awareness that nurture them as confident and hopeful global citizens of tomorrow. To do this, we must ourselves be passionate and self-directed lifelong learners, enhancing our pedagogical content knowledge in inquiry-based learning, differentiated instruction and assessment literacy. We should broaden our subject content knowledge on how learning in art develops social and emotional skills that empower students to think independently and work collaboratively. The art fraternity can look to STAR for leadership and guidance, and we can also look to each other for imaginative possibilities and promising practices. In this issue of STAR- Post, colleagues and friends share how they harness differentiated instruction to design thoughtful lessons and teaching resources to better facilitate art learning for all students. A couple of articles also address how assessment can further support holistic learning experiences in the art classroom. I learned a lot and I know you will too. Enjoy the read! Zachary Ng Studio Assistant, STAR All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or part without the prior consent of STAR. 2 3