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Drawing outcomes from the ‘What If’ shape drawing exercise lesson Process - Teacher as Facilitator and Collaborator According to Tomlinson, the teacher has to “proactively plan lessons that provide a variety of ways to “get at” and “express learning”. Teachers should not have the mindset of entering the class with a fixed lesson plan and be adamant to carry it out exactly as planned. Rather, flexibility is key, and feedback sessions should be incorporated. Feedback, in verbal or written form, at the start, middle or end of the lesson, should be observed and recorded keenly. It serves as a tool for teachers to learn how well students are learning and to follow-up to improve and tailor better learning experiences in subsequent lessons. As rightly put by Heacox (2002), “As a teacher who differentiates instruction, you become both a facilitator and a collaborator.” Student-centred learning where lessons are co-designed between students and teacher can give rise to much student engagement and ownership. 18 Choice-based learning outcomes 19