Star Millwork & Moulding Brochure STARMldng&MllworkBroch_WEB (1) - Page 15

EXOTIC HARDWOODS NOW IN STOCK 3700 W. Irving 316.262.7070 SAPELE WOOD Used in the construction of fine furniture and cabinet work. Decorative veneers, plywood, joinery, flooring and paneling. CANARY WOOD Can be almost rainbow colored with dark orange streaks along with natural orange, yellow, and brown colorations. Common uses are speakers, cabinets and furniture. ZEBRA WOOD Frequently quarter sawn and used as a decorative veneer. LACE WOOD Has a very conspicuous flecking that gives this wood its namesake. The wood itself is a reddish brown with grey or light brown rays which result in a lace pattern when quarter sawn. PURPLE HEART A beautiful Brazilian species, well known for its distinctive purple color. One of the world's most naturally durable and highly stable wood species. If left to weather, it will turn a beautiful silver grey patina. AFRICAN PADAUK Moderately hard and heavy, medium texture with large pores. Saws and planes easily to a very smooth surface. JATOBA Also called Brazilian Cherry. Hard, very heavy and very tough. The grain is commonly interlocked with a medium course texture. Popular for furniture pieces. WENGA Course texture with a straight grain, hard and heavy. Works fairly well with machine tools but has a high blunting effect on cutting edges. Turns well. 13