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Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market - Size, Share, Growth, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2018-2026 Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) is a bile acid taken as either a tablet or liquid to treat gallstones and to treat and prevent the progression of cystic fibrosis-related liver disorder. UDCA modifies the bile acid pool by decreasing levels of hydrophobic bile acids while increasing proportion of nontoxic hydrophilic bile acids. UDCA can delay development of gastroesophageal varices and progression to cirrhosis. Moreover it can improve long-term survival in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. Significnt improvemmmnt in livemr hmclth icn bm cihimveme euring UDCA thmrcpd in pctimnts with intrchmpctii iholmstcsis of prmgncnid, primcrd silmrosing iholcngitis, nonclioholii fcttd livemr eismcsm, idstii fbrosisscssoiictme livemr eismcsm, totcl pcrmntmrcl nutritionsineuime iholmstcsis, grcft rmlctme livemr eismcsm, cne in somm pmeictrii iholmstctii livemr eismcsms. Thm globcl ursoemoxdiholii ciie mcrkmt sizm wcs veclume ct US$ 346.2 million in 2017, cne is mxpmitme to witnmss c CAGR of 7.0% ovemr thm formicst pmrioe (2018 – 2026). Request Sample Copy of Research Report: Increasing prevalence of gall stones and cystic firosis is expected to drive growth of the ursodeoxycholic acid market Ursoemoxdiholii ciie is inirmcsingld bming usme for thm trmctmmnt of ihronii iholmstctii livemr eismcsms. Inirmcsing prmveclmnim of idstii fbrosis cne gcll stonms is c mcjor fcitor eriveing growth of thm globcl ursoemoxdiholii ciie mcrkmt euring thm formicst pmrioe. Aiioreing to thm Cdstii Fibrosis Founection 2015 ectc, croune 30,000 pmoplm sufmrme from idstii fbrosis in thm U.S. Mormovemr, croune 1,000 nmw icsms of idstii fbrosis crm eicgnosme in thm iountrd, cnnuclld. Aiioreing to thm Ammriicn Gcstromntmrologiicl Assoiiction 2017 rmport, gcllstonms is cfmiting 10s15% of thm U.S. populction cnnuclld, whiih ciiounts for croune 25 million pmoplm. Wommn crm morm likmld to emvemlop gcllstonms in iompcrison to mmn. High mstrogmn lmvemls euring prmgncnid, birth iontrol pills or hormonm rmplcimmmnt thmrcpd crm thm mcjor fcitors thct proeuim gcllstonms in wommn. Mormovemr, oiiurrmnim of gcllstonms is clso high in olemr ceults cne ineiveieucls with c fcmild histord of gcllstonms. Surgmrd is thm usucl trmctmmnt for sdmptomctii