StAG Mag October 2016

StAG MAG October 2016 • • Alasdair Paine standrewthegreat • @StAG_Cambridge INSIDE THIS ISSUE DEAR FRIENDS… On Sundays this term, we’re going to be exploring two vital questions. The first is this: what will life look like, without Jesus? I’m not referring to the experience of the non-Christian, but of the Christian: living without having Jesus around. For he is not here. Though once he lived in this world, now he is ascended and with the Father in heaven. What, then, will life be like for his followers? This is the big theme of John chapters 13-16, where Jesus prepares his disciples for life after his departure. What is remarkable is that although he’s leaving, he promises them a real, experienced, continuing friendship with him. How can this be? That puzzle is reflected in the title of our 10.00am and 11.30am sermon series, “Life without / with Jesus”. Secondly, how are we to live for Christ in a non-Christian world? In 1 Peter we meet Christians whose non-Christian colleagues and neighbours thought and lived very differently from them. They couldn’t understand what made these Christians tick. Does that sound familiar? Our series at the 5.00pm services will be seeing how Peter’s letter anticipates this, and shows us what to expect. He offers a positive vision for daring to live for Christ and changing the world. As you’ll see, this issue of the magazine includes an interview with Fiona Ashton, who is due to be moving to the Cotswolds some time this autumn. Over the 29 years she’s been here, our Heavenly Father has used her to bring amazing blessing to our fellowship. How we will miss her, and thank God for her! Nathan Buttery Student Survival Guide page 2 FAREWELL TO FIONA ASHTON page 3 meet the church apprentices page 4 GROWING UP GOD’S WAY One of the biggest challenges facing parents is talking about sex and relationships with their children. In a world where sex seems increasingly on the agenda, and where it’s taught at younger ages than before, how can we as Christian parents respond? Thankfully there is a series of excellent resources available through the Lovewise charity ( Lovewise is a Christian organisation that seeks to help schools, churches and parents educate children on sexual matters in a way that is in line with God’s teaching. They have also produced two books to help parents talk about sex with their children: one for boys and one for girls, Growing Up God’s Way for Boys and Girls. The books explain puberty, what sex is and how it works, and why God thinks sex is for marriage. They are clear, Biblical, no nonsense, not embarrassing, and hugely helpful in enabling good conversations to be had with our children. Obviously parents will need wisdom in knowing when to talk about these issues, and each child will be different — the material is designed for 9-13 year olds. But we have found these books an excellent resource in helping us to equip our children to understand God’s wisdom and love in this area. -1- Growing up God’s way for boys/girls By Dr Chris Richards & Dr Liz Jones £7.99 £5.20