St. Mary's County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 6

HURRY! vVY INVESTOR!! ED OR TORN DOWN & READY EXISTING SO SAVE COSMETIC WORK WAS LOORPLAN WITH 2 STORY GRAL GARAGE • WITH PART LIS to T keep up with your Have you become unable PRIC INVESTOR SPECIAL mortgage payments? Just Listed ! $ 6 EAT MECHANICSVILLE 26984 MAPLE DR, MECHANICSVILLE, MD 0,00 E • Do you face an imminent future 0 financial hardship? RIVER CLOSE • TO Do BOAT you owe more than the home is worth? STAURANTS! • Have you already considered or pursued a loan HAVE against SOLD modification with your lender, I decided NLY! one, or been denied? MANY HOMES IN • Are you prepared to sell your home and move away? YOUR AREA • Would you like to avoid a public auction, deficiency RECENTLY AND IN judgment and the credit ramifications associated with the foreclosure? THE LAST 20 Broker/Realtor • Nearing retirement and own your home but can’t Years! L afford taxes or upkeep? IS A SHORT SALE RIGHT FOR YOU? ve Atkocius INVESTORS HURRY! PRICED FOR THE SAvVY INVESTOR!! THIS ONE CAN BE REPAIRED OR TORN DOWN & REPLACED! WELL & SEPTIC ALREADY EXISTING SO SAVE $10'S OF 1000'S!! SOME COSMETIC WORK WAS STARTED. CONTEMPORARY FLOORPLAN WITH 2 STORY VAULTED FAMILY ROOM. INTEGRAL GARAGE WITH PART FINISHED BASEMENT. GREAT MECHANICSVILLE NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR THE RIVER CLOSE TO BOAT RAMPS AND RESTAURANTS! • Are you aging or ill? Going through I HAVE SOLD a CASH ONLY! MANY HOMES IN YOUR AREA RECENTLY AND IN THE LAST 20 Broker/Realtor Years! rple Post Real Estate I divorce? S T Steve Steve Atkocius Atkocius Broker/Realtor Purple Post Real Estate N I Purple Post Real Estate G 301-399-3089 P 301-399-3089 R I C E : $ Sell It, Buy it at 2 1 Real Estate │ Busin W72bfVF')H"W'6&W'GW7FFW0)H"f&WVVBb6W')H"ƗfW7F6)H"7F&vRVG2)H &VVfG2gVG&6W'2)H"6W'FfVBW'6&W'G&6W W6֖pV7F0bWfVG2)xU4DreT)xd5@)xTdd4T@U4Dpwr7FWfU6V4B6У3336VB'W@@T5D6WFW&'B&fW76V7F6&fFr6W'f6W2FFfGV2'W6W76W2B&fB&v旦F2f"f&WGbW'6W0W'6W2D24UD2$U5TE0wwrf'&VV7F6W'f6R6У3B3C FW'6F6WFV&W"r#p7B'( 26VG6W&fn( 2n6Pv&2G&fW'2b6&6ЧF66G&n2fF07B'( 26VG( 2#r#66V"ff6ǒ&Vv2GVW2ЦF6WFV&W"RvR&VG0B7GVFVG2&W&RFVB&6F66( 2FR6VG6VBFFR7B'( 26W&fn( 2ff6PW&vW2&W6FVG2FRFV6VfW0v&Rb66W2B7VV@Ɩ֗G2F&VvWB7B'( 26VG&Vf&RFRf'7BFb66FPfWb66'W6W2B&VG0G&7'FrFV"G2F66Ц7&V6W2FR'GVGf"G&ff066FVG2W7V6ǒGW&rFRf'7@vVVb666W&fn( 2ff6RFWWFW2v&PVvFVVBW'Bf"&W6FVG07VVFrB76r66'W6W2ख'BfW2&RFV&VBf 7VVFr66R"FW6rЦFVB667&76rFRr67FFW2FBB2VvF7266'W2vVBF727F6v@FW&Fr&VBf6rƖvG2fЧW&RF7Ff"66'W2v&W7V@CSsfRBF&VRG2Ɩ6V6RG&fW'26VBfrFW6R6fRЧGF2FfBfR"G2FV"Ɩ6V6S( "rf"WG&FRG&fVƖrB&RFVB2'W2G&fW'26WBG&fb7GVFVG2( "&WFR7VVBƖ֗G2B&Pv&RbFR&VGV6VBƖ֗G2FP66W2( "FB7266'W6W2vVf6rƖvG2&R7FfFVBB 7&76r&2FWVB( "vF6f"7GVFVG2vƶr7FFrV"B7&76r&Gv2( "fBVV7G&2F7G&7F26VR&FWF2␥6fWG&V֖FW'2f"7GVFVG2@&VG3( "vVvFrf"FR'W27Fvg&G&ff2BfB&VvЦW6r"FW"&Vf"FB6VBF6&VW76W72FBFR&Gv( "ƖRWvg&FR7G&VWB &B2FR66'W2&6W2( "vBVFFR'W227FV@BFRF"V2&Vf&R7FWpFFR&Gv( "W6RFRB&vV7FWpFFR'W2( "bRfRF7&72FR7G&VWBg&BbFR'W2vƲBV7BFVfVW@VBbFR'W2rFR6FRbFP&CVWvrVFR66VPFRG&fW"vVRGW&&VB( "R7W&RFR'W2G&fW"66VRR( "vBf"6vg&FRG&fW &Vf&R&VvrF7&72FR7G&VWB( "vVFRG&fW"6v2vư7&72FR&BVWrWRW@f"7VFFVG&ff26vW2( "FB7&72FR6VFW"ƖRbFP&BVFFRG&fW"26vVBF@B26fRf"RF&Vvvƶr( "7Fvg&&V"vVV2bFP'W2BFW2( "FƲVWFǒB&VW 6VBvR&FrFR'W2F&7G2&RGf6VBFBFPG&fR6FVB&WGvVV&W"G&fPB'&v7G&VWBFR6'26VGv&R66VBFG&ff2f"&FVǒGvvVV0&Vvr"&WB6WFV&W 2#rG&fW'2vVVBFfp7FVBFWFW"6v26'0'F&W6FVG2v&R&WV&VBFW6R&W"G&fRVvBG&fPB'&v7G&VWB2'BbFRFRЧFW"&WFRFR&VF&WBBFRЧFW'6V7Fb&W"G&fRBЦVvBG&fRv&RVFG&ff266VGVVBv&v6VFR6Ч7G'V7FbFR'FW&6FR`&VF&WBBFR&W"G&fR@FRG&fRFW'6V7FBFP&V67G'V7FbFRG&fR7&Ww2vv&g&УrFRvVVF2BFPvVVVG2GW&r67G'V7F6FV2G&bЦVƖrFRG&fRB&W G&fR6VBWV7B67G'V7FfRЦ6W2FR&VBV6VFW ֖"G&ff2FV2V6R&RW'@F6vW26FF2GW&rF0FRFFW2BFW27FVB6V@&RFfVB'vVFW"6FF2f"&Rf&FV6R6F7@FR7B'( 26VGFW'FV@bV&Ɩ2v&2BG&7'FFVvVW&rFf6B3Ӄc2УCWB3S#R0@p 0P@"dE"&VWf&B67G'V7FF66RFRG&fPg&VfW"7FR6W&fb( 2ff6Rg&7B'( 26VG