St. Mary's County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 4

Local News The County Times Thursday, September 7, 2017 Hammond Assumes Command of NAS Patuxent River Capt. Jason Hammond assumed com- mand of Naval Air Station Patuxent River in a change of command ceremo- ny Aug. 31 at the installation’s Hangar 110. Hammond’s role as NAS Patuxent River commanding officer follows his previous position as the base executive officer (XO). “The experience of being Pax River’s XO has been extremely rewarding,” said Hammond. “It’s provided the opportu- nity to learn the installation’s operations inside and out, and each day has been different.” Hammond has served since April 2014 as the air station’s XO, a position that falls under the Navy’s Fleet-Up pro- gram. In that program, executive offi- cers serve in that position for a year and a half before they “fleet up” to become the commanding officer for their com- mand tour on the same ship or station. This practice provides focused com- mand leadership stability throughout a base’s life, according to OPNAVINST 1412.14. Commanding officers reap the benefits of the actions and policies they institute as executive officer. A native of Danville, Kentucky, Ham- mond is the son of Ray Hammond and the late Carolyn Hammond, and step- son of Cindy Corcoran Hammond. He graduated from Danville High School in June, 1989, and the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was winged as a Naval Aviator in Oc- tober of 1995. Hammond also holds a master’s degree in public administration from Old Dominion University. He and his wife, Julie, have two children, Jaida, 6, and Jonah,4. Hammond is no stranger to com- mand. He became the commanding of- ficer of Fleet Logistics Support Squad- ron (VRC) 30, the “Providers,” in San Diego, California, in April 2010. During his tour, VRC-30 supported the deployments of ev- ery Pacific Fleet aircraft carrier while transitioning into the improved LOT 4 C-2A. As for Pax River, Hammond said he’s enjoyed the opportunity to serve at a unique installation like this. “NAS Pax River is one of kind,” said Hammond. “The scope of work that’s done here for the entire Department of Defense and our allies is truly incred- ible, and the close relationship that the base shares with the surrounding com- munity is something that we’re proud of. In my time as XO, I was able to see first- hand the incredible work our profession- als do here.” In his new role as commanding of- ficer, Hammond said he will continue to build on the foun FF2bVBЦW'6B'2&VFV6W76"6B66GL*7F&W( 6F7F&WBfRv&V@66VǒFRFFFW&F2`&fW"( 6BB( FW&R&RGvFw2Rv0FVBW6WFǒvVâ&W7V7@B6V6FWGV&W7V7B0fFvVv&rvFFW'FVG2FVB6G2BW"fVpFVFW2B6V&ǒ6V6FpWBFvFR6b6B0'6WFVǒW76VFFW&Fऒf'v&BF6FVr6F7F&W( 2VVVv7BVЧvW&rW"FVFVB&fW762F&fFRFR&W7B76&R&6RW&F7W'BFFR&W6V&6FWfVVBFW7BBWfVF֗76( У@6F6BFW26BB&fW"2g&G&6v&F&fW"2