St. Mary's County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 28

28 Contributing Writers The County Times Thursday, September 7, 2017 “Ah, the Change” The gradual change of seasons is starting; the Joe Pyes’ burgundy berries are bursting forth, and the prickly vines are turning the color of a golden late summer sunrise. A feeling of warmth from thinking about soon to be cozy fire pit nights, and the to-the- bone heat from the wood stove starts to fill me. The change to fall also brings home the love for family and friends, and how the coming seasons will bring us all closer together. Walking outside now smells so good, the damp soil just beginning to take the early falling leaves and half eaten nuts into itself. It all breaks down to that lovely, earthy smell I love so much. Sometimes long after my husband and I have finished our meal cooked over the fire and drank the last sip of a rich, oaky red wine, I continue to sit out by the fire in the dark, breathing in as much of that heady smell as possible, feeling close to my late father which can’t be felt in any other place. He so loved the outdoors, and especially at this time of year until mid-winter, when he could be found sitting out under our carport with a Schlitz in one hand and a Chesterfield in the other enjoying the smells of dirt, car oil, and old canvas blended together til late in the evening. At times there might be a shot of Old Grand- dad or Port wine and soda nearby. My Father didn’t live long, but he did know how to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. September has always been a month of change. Even though I am long out of school, I still get that excited, yet nervous feeling like I am about to step in a class- room again. It is a time of learning, maybe a time to re-start something left behind. January is normally known as the big change month, but for me, I really think it is September. I am already looking up fall craft ideas on Pinterest waiting for something new with which to be inspired. I’ve been looking at an old frame –a big frame, and wondering how can I upcycle this in a different way than what everyone else is doing. That is the fall crafting fever taking hold. Time to make my natural wreath for the door, and finally put away the forsythia and yellow ribboned wreath hanging on the iron railing. The large watermelon outdoor flag should probably be washed and put away too. I am just so ready for fall, ready for the cooler weath- er to slow down the biting mosquitos and no-see-ums. The bats are helping of course. They moved back be- hind our shutters pretty quickly after they were put back up. I like hearing their skittering and eeking now, realizing they are such a benefit to our yard. The squir- rels are frantically trying to carry the black walnuts in the back yard, and hickory nuts in the front yard to their secret caches in the trees. Mindy tries her best to make them drop their bounty. Soon my husband will start filling the bird feeders so we can watch their antics and how they gain control of the feeding territory from each other and also from the squirrels and cats. It seems to be an exhausting, never- ending struggle to get a daily meal. This takes me to the feelings this morning while standing in front of the Joe Pye and other weeds, about family and friends coming together and feeling the closeness of stories and ties through the years. The feeling of gratefulness that we are fortunate not to struggle when so many oth- ers are, and a hope that we can help some of those who are. A change is sometimes needed to accomplish this – a change in the season and in us. To each new day’s adventure, Shelby Please send your comments or ideas to: or find me on facebook: Wanderings of an aimless mind Advertising Representative Wanted APPLY TODAY Requirements: Advertising sales or comparable experience | Professional creative problem solving attitude Strong presentation skills | Exceptional written/verbal communication skills Ability to work independently | Entrepreneurial spirit Send resume to