St. Mary's County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 24

24 In Our Community Community Calendar Thu, Sep 7, 2017 College Night 28275 Point Lookout Road, Leonard- town, MD 20650 5:00 PM College Student? Need to unwind and relax? Maybe distress a little be- fore your next big exam? Bring your college ID and swing by The Pax Lounge! We have a special discounts for college students! So come on by! Grocery Auction Mother Catherine Academy 38833 Chaptico Road, Mechanicsville, MD 20659 6:00 PM The groceries arrive in a refrigerated trailer from distribution centers and major grocery stores throughout the area. We never know ahead of time what we are getting, but expect any- thing that could be found in a grocery store such as candies, snacks, sodas, frozen meats, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, can goods, dry goods, cleaning supplies, dairy products, or just about anything else in between. Items will be offered and available in small lots and/or large lots—buy as little or as much as you like. Be sure to bring your cooler! Better yet, bring several coolers! Payment will be cash, check, or credit cards. Ten percent buyer’s premium. School cafeteria will be serving conces- sions. For more information, please contact: MCA—301-884-3165 Am. Legion Post 221 Meeting AL Post 221; 21690 Colton Point Rd; Avenue, MD 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM American Legion Post 221 invites all active duty personnel and veterans to join us for our monthly meeting on the first Thursday of each month at 8:00pm. Visit our website at www. or e-mail us at Call (301) 884- 4071 for more information. Tell them you saw the announcement on the SoMd Internet Calendar. Publisher Associate Publisher General Manager Al Dailey Advertising Jen Stotler The County Times Fri, Sept 8, 2017 Yard Sale-St. Mary’s Adult Medi- cal Day 24400 Mervell Dean Rd, Hollywood, MD 20636 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Join us for our Yard Sale fundraiser on Friday, September 8th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. All proceeds go to- ward a new wheelchair accessible bus for our participants. Anyone withing to donate items can drop them off at the Center Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. (No cloth- ing, please.) 301-373-6515 Park Place Toastmasters Club Meeting Church of the Ascension, 21641 Great Mills Road Lexington Park, MD 20653 12 Noon - 1:00 PM Come visit us to find out how we can help you develop your speaking, listening, and leadership skills in a non-threatening environment! SMS Queen of Hearts American Legion Post 255 Ridge, MD 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Join us every Friday from 4-7pm at the American Legion in Ridge, Maryland to find the Queen of Hearts. A $1 ticket enters you in a chance to pick the Queen of Hearts from a deck of 54 cards. The jackpot builds each week until the Queen of Hearts is found. Proceeds benefit St. Michael’s School through a scholar- ship program run by the Archangel Scholarship Foundation. Food and drink available. Top 40 Hits Night 28275 Point Lookout Road, Leonard- town, MD 20650 5:00 PM Come enjoy some hookah and fun with us at the Pax Lounge as we cel- ebrate the current Top 40 Chart Top- Thomas McKay Eric McKay To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication. pers Music! Always a great time at the Lounge! Bring your friends and have some fun! Elks TEXAS HOLDEM Tournament St Mary’s County Elks Lodge 7:00 PM Sign up by 6:45 and receive an ad- ditional 500 chips optional $5 add- on and receive 1,000 chips. Total Starting Stack could be 8000 chips. Top ten percent places paid.Food and Beverage are available for pur- chas. Cash games will start as soon as there are enough players that are interested. Holdem : $1- $2 no limit. Omaha Hi/Lo : $.50—$1 (х́ЀA͔ѕȁѡɽ՝)ѡͥѡե)MаMЀ䰀)QYլ)5٥ɔѵЁ)Qɕ9эQɅ(4)Iո]ոȁѡݡ) х́Ѐ݅ѡI)х́Ѐ兴)5٥ɔѵЁ)Qɕ9эQɅ(ԁ!́ ՈI5̴)٥5)I%MQH)ѽ)ܹٙ)լ)QЀɕѕɕݥɕٔ)ٕЁ͡(MͽȁÁͼم)Mͽɵˊé5ɭ)!ѽɥMѕɱ䰀Mѕɱ)1!ݽ5(4) ͽѕɱ乽ɜȁх̸) ɔ9Ё Mѕ̀,ոIո)Mи5éI孕!L(4))́ȁո䁕ٕЄQ(,͔х́ԁɽMи5e)I孕!Lѡɽ՝ѽɥ1ɐ)ѽݸݸѼѡ]ɘѡ)Ѽѡ͍QЁѼ)%͍ٕ)!ѽɥMи5é 䰁])%!ЀɬЁѡYͥѽ) ѕȤā!1Mи)5é 䰁5(4A4)ɔɅє%)݅́ձɔ1ɸ̰ͭ)Ʌ̰݅эɅѥ̰)܁ɕѥȁѡ)ѡЁѡ́ɔ)5居݅́չձ쀐)͕쀐؁Ѡ쁙ɕѼ̀ԁ)չȰѼɥ̸́(Դȁ!M5 )͡ѽ乽ɜ)ܹ!M5 ̴͡)ѽ乽ɜ)ѡɕͥ́Mи5é չ丁QMи5é չQ́ݥم̴)хٕ́Q͑丁Qȁ́Չ͡Mѡɸ5居AՉ͡ )չѥ̹)ݡ́ɕͥȁѡɴѕа́ѡȸQMи5e) չQ́́Ё͔ѥȁ͔ɽՍЁȁ͕٥)չѥ̹)ٕ́Ʌ)ͅչѥ̹ЁQͥɕȁՉѥѥ́ѕ́ѼѡѽȁՉѕЁՑѡ)ѽ)5́չѥ̹ЀЁѡ5ɥȁѼȁQ͑ՉѥѼɔЁȁѡЁݕ)%ѕɹ)i!)ոȁ݅ѡ,̀Qɔ)ͼɅ݅مȁɔ)ՍɅє Ք]ȴ)ЁIчéݥٔՍ)ͥєѡɔݥ́)Ʌ́ȁɕ́ݕ́ϊd)Ʌȁɔɵѥܸ)ɥͽɕͽɜ)Mѡɸ5ɅѥٔAѕ)ЁMܰ5ѥAе%) ɱє!1Ʌ䰀9)5ɭЁI ɱє!5((4)QMѡɸ5ɅѥٔAд)́ݥЁȁՅЁM܁)MиѠɽ4ȁA4ѡ)䁽ѡ ɱє!1Ʌ(9܁5ɭЁI ɱє)!5ՕЁɔݕ)ɅѼٽєȁݽɬ)ͥ́ѥݥ)ݕѥɽЁѽѡ)䁅ѥЁ ɽ币IqAѥ)5 ɥѵϊtIф)A丁Օ́ɔ݅́ݕ)͡ձхЁ́ȁ䁥)׊eѼЁѡє)ȁ٥ͥиeԁ٥ͥЁȁݕͥє)Ёܹ͵йɜՕѥ)хЁɹЁ)Ĵд)ȁ͵1ɹQA)QԸ)QMи5é չQ́́ݕ䁹ȁɽ٥́ɵѥ)Ʌͥ)M-)Mх]ɥѕ)1ɐ)Q͑䰁MѕȀܰ)ɥѕˊéձɕ́ѥյȸMՉͥ́Ёٕɕ)ѕȁѡЁѡMи5é չQ́ݥٕ䁅ѕЁͥѼՉ͠)展ɑչѥ̹)配չѥ̹)AѽɅ)Ʌ5Յа5 ͽ) ɥѥ]ɥѕ)1Ʉ)協I䰁1IM=ɵ՜]ͽ)єѕаЁЁՅɅѕͼ1ѕ́䁉͕ѕȁɥ䰁ѡ՝)ɔ́хѼɕ͕ٔѡɔѡɥѕˊéɝյи ɥЁѕɥՉѕ)ѼѡȁѕȁՉѥɕ́ݥѠѡѡȰЁѡMи5e) չQ͕́́́䁙ɕɕɽՍЁɥаɽȁѡȁɵ̸])ɔչѼݱɕЁѕ̸QMи5é չQ́ЁՅɅѕ)ѡЁٕ䁱ѕȁȁѼ̤ՉѕݥՉ͡ՔѼѥȁɅ̸) չQ)Mи5e)@< !ݽ5