St. Mary's County Times September 07, 2017 - Page 20

20 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, September 7, 2017 Gracie’s Guys and Gals Stellar Award National Champions Fifty-five members of Gracie’s Guys and Gals Dance Stu- dio’s show troupe, “GG SHOW TROUPE” competed at the national finals at “Beyond the Stars” National Competition, held this year at Cape May, New Jersey. Forty-three studios from throughout the United States, and 1300 routines were seen in this week-long event last month, July ‘17. Routines are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories and into various age levels as well. Gracie’s competed everything in the heavily- populated ad- vanced category. The judges adjudicate all routines based on skills, performance, choreography, and technique. The judges adjudicate each routine into a gold, high gold, plati- num, or diamond status, and then announce the first place in each category (small or large groups in tap, lyrical, con- temporary, jazz, hip hop, or open category). Gracie’s walked away with mostly platinum and diamond awards, judge’s awards, Choreography awards, and first in category and several in the top ten for the over-all placements. Motown, Gracie’s produc- tion routine, has been the highest scoring production winner at all the regional competitions this past year. At “On Point” Regional National competition, Gra- cie’s Guys and Gals received the Ultimate Studio Award, meaning Gracie’s studio was the highest scoring studio out of close to 1,000 routines that were present at the three-day weekend event in Wood- bridge, VA in May 2017. At “Beyond the Stars” National Finals, the judges call back the highest scoring routines to re-compete and, at that time, new scores are tallied and this is called the Ultimate Challenge Competi- tion. Gracie’s had five routines that were called back for this competition! At the Ultimate Challenge, all studios that have call back routines are hopefuls for the Stellar Award, which is the grand champion, on a national level. Only one routine for ages 12 and under, and one routine from 13 and over can be the overall top scoring routine to be awarded the Stellar Champions of the entire national competition. The kids learned the routine “Rock forever” for this year’s 29th recital. After learning and performing this routine at the recital, the Choreographers, Justin Myles, Grace Myles, Audrey Keller, and Laura Edwards, and the kids were so ex- cited they wanted to take it to the finals competition. Since 12 of the kids were graduating high school, and knowing that this was the only time they would ever get to compete the routine, since they were not coming back to the studio this year to dance since they would be going to college in the fall, it was decided that we should take out ROCK forever! The performance of ROCK forever at the compe- n o t g n e i v x i t y c t i Le ark A n u m m o C t P Adul NOW Available 1 & 2 bedroom apartments 21895 Pegg Road • Lexington Park, MD 20653 • (240)725-0111 tition was incredible, and they were called back for the Ulti- mate Challenge. People from other studios gave it a stand- ing ovation! The judges were dancing in their seats. At the finals awards ceremony, the various routines are placed from fifth to first place in their individual categories (small or large groups). Pulsatilla, the large group tap routine in ages 15 and over, choreographed by Justin Myles, was second overall Ultimate Challenge winner for all the large groups. The moment we were all waiting for had arrived. There were five first place over-all top placements. Rock forever was one of the five, and only ONE of the five would be eli- gible for the ultimate highest achievement of the competi- tion, the Stellar Award, which would be the highest scoring routine of the entire, week-long competition. Everyone was on pins and needles, all the top scoring five routines were incredible, and awesome. Which routine would win. Then a drum roll by the kids, and the announcement was made by the MC “the highest scoring routine of the week is” ….and music by the DJ would indicate the winning number…. when we heard the music from “Rock forever’ the kids, parents, and audience went wild. It was very exciting, and “Rock forever” was proclaimed the top scoring routine and the kids claimed their status of National Champions on stage receiving a seven-foot trophy and $500 cash award. It was very exciting. The members who danced in this routine are: Haley Ashton, Milena Ashwood, Hannah Bailey, Mere- dith Bailey, Shelby Bean, Jewelina Bouldin, Ashlyn Broom, Becca Burkhardt, Lexi Burkhardt, Jesse Burrows, Kendall Carpenter, Danielle Clark, Kaelyn Dillon, Melanie Downs, Alyssa Dowell, Loraine Erickson, Christina Estacion, Cami Frick, Taylor Frietchen, Juliana Geyer, Lillian Grabarek, Sydney Guth- rie, Mackenzie Harsha, Michael Hedspeth, Skylar Hepner, ShyAnn Hill, Erin Hogan, Ethan Howard, Fiona Insley, Tori Janiszewski, Samantha Lang, Staci Lang, Jamie Lau- rel, Zack Leclerc, Briana Levi, Patience Littleton, Kayla Lyon, Riley McCloskey, Chandler Moore, Mallory Moore, Alyssa Morrison, Ashley Mudd, Erica Mundie, Gabrielle Pettet, Alicia Pilkerton, Kayla Purcell, Taylor Richards, Al- exa Rodriguez, Patrick Schwarz, Faith Shockley, Samantha Thomas, Corinne Y ɥѥ]Ȱ ɱ]ɍ))ɑ币]и)%ԁݽձѼЁѡ́ѕȁȁɔ)ɵѥɅ٥ͥЁ)ݕͥєܹɅͅMՑ)Ʌé́́ݥəɵЁѡ չ)ȁMɑMѕȀɐ) ]䁽ͅѕ) ɥM)́ѡՉȁѥ)ɕ͔ȁ!ɥ!ٕ٥ٽ̰)5居́䁙Ѽ)єȁѡ͔ѡЁ͔Ѽ)ѥѼЁѡ͔ѡѕ)ɕ̰5居ѽɹɅ ɥ)ɽ͠Mɕх䁽Mхє) )]͵Ѡ٥͔յ́Ѽ٥)аєݥ͕+q%Ё́ݥ͔Ѽɕ͕ɍѡɥ䁙)ɔѥյ́͡ձ)ٽ䁍ɥ䁽ȁչɅ͕ȁѡЁ́ɔ)ՍхЁѼٔɵѥ܁)ѥ́ɔ͕t)Q=ѡMɕх䁽Mхє)ɕѕ́ɕձѕ́ɥхɝ)ѥ́ѡЁͽЁɥхɥԴ)ѥ́5居QѡȁݥѠѡд)ѽɹɅé=ѡMɕх䁽)Mхїé=ݽɭ́ѼɔѡЁɤ)хɥѥ́ѼՅɤ)хɝѥ́ɔ͕ȁѡ)ѕ ͔)ȁɔѥ́܁Ѽٔݥ͕)͔٥ͥЁѡ5居ѽɹȴ)é= յȁAɽѕѥ٥ͥ)Չѥ յˊé ɥх)٥Q̸)QЁݡѡȁѥձȁȴ)䁥́ѡɥ镐ѼͽЁ5居)ѡMɕх䁽Mхїé=х́)Չɕ䁽ɥхɝѥ)ѡɥ镐ѼͽЁ5居 )ɔɵѥѼ͕ɍѡɕ)䰁͔٥ͥЁѡMɕх䁽Mхїe)ɥ䁡 輽ͽ̹居)ؽ ɥA̽Mɍ ɥ久)%ԁԁ䁡ٔ)٥ѥѥٔȁɤ)хͽхѥԁ͡ձх)ѡ ɥѥ́1M٥́٤)ͥѡMɕх䁽Mхїé=(д ĴԴ)ɽѡ=5居ѽɹ)Ʌ