St. Mary's County Times October 12, 2017 - Page 6

6 Local News The County Times Thursday, October 12, 2017 Local Dems Rally at Hoyer Picnic By Dick Myers Editor It could be considered the offi cial launch of the 2018 political campaign season for Southern Maryland Demo- crats. Representatives from Democratic central commit- tees and clubs, party workers and a smattering of other elected offi cials gathered Oct. 7 for the 6th annual South- ern Maryland Family Picnic hosted by Rep. Steny Hoyer at Serenity Farm on the Patuxent River in Benedict. And, the mood was decidedly upbeat for the Democratic Party. The catalyst for the hopes for the future is President Donald Trump, who was the target for jibes throughout the speeches at the picnic. Hoyer was the cheerleader- in-chief. “These are the Times that Try Men’s Souls,” he said, parroting 18th century author and philosopher Thomas Paine. “We are Democrats but we are Americans fi rst. We have to be concerned about America,” said Hoyer, who has been in elective offi ce for 50 years in Maryland, in- c VFr66R2&W6VB6FvR&RVFVB'G( 6BW"sRFVBF@FF( BVFR'Gv2ƗF2( vRfRFffW"ЦVBFV2'WBvR&R6֗GFVBF6֖rFvWFW"6W 6VG'6fRf'v&B( ФFrFRVBVFW"FRFVBvW&RWfW'Rv076V&VBVW7VǒBBV֖B7F&W"bЧFW&W"6B( ėBFRG'VF֖7G&F0FvW&W2f"W&62( RFFVB( ėN( 2vrFvW@GFW"bvRF( BvWBFV7&G26G&bBV7BPW6R( ФRwV&W&F&6FFFRv2GFVF6R'ЦB7FFR6V&6&B( &6( Ɩ"bBF7G&7BFB2Gv6VFW27B'( 2B6fW'BvW'6VGR6B&WV&Ɩ6vb''vFB&R&G&WV&Ɩ6BGv6&W2B&6P2V&ǒF2n6RG&VBF7WBVF7W&6Rf"vV&v^( 2FB&R&GFV7&F2FRV&W'0v&rvVF6FFBR6( B2FW&FR2vfRFV7&F2GfFvR2fgF6w&W2ЦR6WFW26VV2R6BvfRFW"fW"V'26F7G&7BB2G'VR6'2vVW&vR2FBWrW'6WvbF6זW'46VGFW2W@6&26&7FR26V6BFW&Ɩ6BvFFV7&F2vbЦW&"( vRv&RFR&V6f"FP6VG'FBvRW6VBF&R( ФW"6BRbFRFV7&F06FFFW2f"vfW&"6&VBv6&bFR6fW'B6VGFVЦ7&F26V"vW"֗7FW"f&W"6VG6֗76W"B7FFRw&7VGW&R6V7&RЧF'6BR&VV&W&VB&6FFRV&ǐc( 2vVFVזVrW"6RFFP6VGFV7F'BVrFV7&G06V"֗7FW"6BR6BFV( ĆR2vpFvW"6W2( R6BW"2&VVVFW"WfW"66RआW"BFR66W6bFR&ǒ6@RBWfW"6VVW&66WBbFW g&vBW&6V2F( W GWG2FVWW&6W&6( P67FVBआW"6VBWfW'R&W6VBf"FV fFRF6FrRFVG2F'Vvg&FRF7G&7BFB6VFW2FRG&VP6WFW&'B6VFW2B'Fb&6RvV&v^( 26VGW"v&W7FVW"w&VWG262'&f2FRvv6WGFRg&FR&rB@ƗfW27B'( 26VGr&W&W6VG26W&VGf&&VVF7B4w&WrWVVB6BfB&f&26FVBw&VB֖2BBF26FvRB2TtR"FV7F0W"V"V6bFW6RV7F2'&w2fW"#FV2g&f&WGb66vW'2FW&RG'Vǒ26WFrf"WfW'RBF0V7F&vrg&W6VBFV2FVgWVVBF2V7F2VFFRV&Ɩ2F6VB'Wf6Bwwr6w&WvWVVB6FfWrW W6֖rFFW2BFFFf&F&Vv&Fr`FR4w&Wr6F27F&W"#pV'##7F&W"#