St. Mary's County Times October 12, 2017 - Page 29

Thursday, October 12, 2017 The County Times “Yay! It’s Oyster Time!” It’s my favorite time of year. No, not just fall, but it is oyster time. Last Friday night we went to eat crabs, delicious, perfectly steamed and seasoned crabs at Seabreeze Restaurant. And while waiting for our table we spoke to the owner Betty Ann Quade at the front desk. Betty Ann mentioned that oysters were coming in, which made me sooooo happy. What is better on a fall day than eating oysters? I am sure you are probably thinking lots of things are better, but oysters are high on my list. I did have some lovely fried oysters at the Foxy Fish a few weeks ago – it was a huge oyster basket – nearly as much as my husband’s platter. They have a very nice light breading which lets the taste of the oysters shine through. Two weeks ago, we were over at Shymansky’s in Cobb Island with friends, and there were so many oys- ters in my oyster basket that I had to take some home. That is rare. But fried oysters also taste fi ne the next day when heated in tinfoil in the oven. I suppose you can see a theme here. I will go anywhere for oysters – glad my husband likes them too. I even have stickers from our oyster adventures in Virginia which says, “I love Virginia wine and oysters”. I think my husband was probably a little shocked the fi rst time we had oysters and he realized how many oysters I can eat. I love them all ways. The Oyster Fes- tival has always been a favorite festival of mine. I especially love the oyster shooter area. The Fish Market in Alexandria also holds special fondness in my heart be- cause they carry so many types of oysters. You can taste the difference of each region in the succulent little creatures; some taste salty and briny, others have a buttery rich fl avor, and others have a sweeter taste. I love them all!! I believe that raw oysters help build immunity – or I keep telling myself that. Of course, you probably know how much I love our church’s own oyster and ham dinner set for this Saturday. This year is somewhere well past 120 years that Christ Church in Chaptico has been having a fall dinner. I am so proud to be a part of it. My husband will be happily (I believe) frying oysters in our big church kitchen. I will be helping wherever I am told to help. Thursday, he and some of the other men will lay down cardboard on our new fl oors to protect them. During our fall dinner, I love slipping out to where anoth- er parishioner, Brad Reeves and assistants are scalding oysters. I’ll mix up a cup of vinegar, onions, with a touch of Old Bay for oyster dipping and be in oyster heaven for a time. My husband and I often say how could we not live anywhere but St. Mary’s Coun- ty. Everything I need and want is right here from friends, family, naturally all our grandkids, and food, lots of wonder- ful, unique to us food. I hope the beautiful waters that surround St. Mary’s County stay clean and pure for generations so that all the seafood creatures populate freely and abundantly both for their own legacy and for our future generations. I would not want future great, great grandchildren to grow up without the taste of an oyster or crab. So I hope you get a chance this fall to enjoy an oyster dinner at a festival, a lo- cal restaurant, or church dinner, and say thanks for living in this great county. To each new day’s adventure, Shelby Please send your comments or ideas to: or fi nd me on facebook: Wanderings of an aimless mind Attention High School and College Students... Looking for something to do this summer? The County Times team is looking for Apply NOW for Immediate Consideration Interns! Send resume to and let’s discuss the possibilities. 301.247.7611 | Contributing Writers 29