St. Mary's County Times October 12, 2017 - Page 17

The County Times Thursday, October 12, 2017 Her job working as a church secretary allows her to find out about others who have cancer and illnesses. “I’m more understanding and compassionate with people who have the same issues with pain. I learned that I can offer too much advice. It makes me more humble in many ways too. I’m more kind- er. I used to be more impatient when I was younger and healthy.” Furthermore, she said, “It wakes me up to un- derstanding God’s grace. I’m living in a fallen and broken world. My body is also broken.” She started off making financial contributions to 17 cancer research, but decided that she didn’t want to pay the salaries of all those who work at fundrais- ing. Instead, she chose to help through the church and to help people directly. On the day of the interview, she was preparing an Asian dish for a family who is going through aggressive cancer treatments. She continues to see her oncologist once a year. So far, she remains clear. But she admits that any new symptom that she has causes her to immedi- ately be concerned that it might related back to cancer. “I’m not alone to feel like that.” Non-invasive Cancer Can Become Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in situ is non-in- vasive, but without treatment, it could develop into invasive cancer over time. At this time, health care provid- ers cannot predict which cases of DCIS will progress to invasive breast cancer and which will not. Because DCIS might turn into invasive breast cancer, almost every case of DCIS is treated. “It wakes me up to understanding God’s grace. I’m living in a fallen and broken world. My body is also broken. – Rose Neiman Restorin g Cur After treatment for DCIS there is still a small risk of recurrence (return of DCIS) and Invasive Breast Cancer. These risks are higher with lumpec- tomy plus radiation therapy than with mastectomy. However, overall surviv- al is the same after either treatment. With close follow-up, invasive breast cancer is usually caught early and can be treated successfully. - Susan G. Komen website You’re invited! to our Open House ves and Co nfi den Wednesday, October 18th 8 am to 11 am ce ! All attendees will receive a FREE gift bag with a special offer in it! Call to RSVP: 410.414.9844 Prince Frederick, MD 70 Sherry Lane, Suite 203 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 410.414.9844 In honor of the ASPS Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day: Please join our offi ce staff in promoting this special event. Breakfast will be served while we provide information on breast cancer reconstruction options for you. We will also be answering your questions about the servces we offer at Plastic Surgery of Southern Maryland.