St. Mary's County Times October 12, 2017 - Page 15

Thursday, October 12, 2017 The County Times 15 clothes that she wore. felt directed to write a Ruby Ribbon is a so- note to her mom and dad. cial commerce apparel “With what? I don’t company where indepen- have a pen and paper dent stylists sell directly here in the bathroom.” to other women. Jarboe But she did have her joined the company ini- phone. She typed a note tially with no intention to them and turned off of selling. Rather, she the screen. When she wanted to understand got out of the shower, the psychology behind the screen was lit and a the company. In the pro- message said, “Hi, hon- cess, she watched wom- ey.” Something that her en transform. deceased mother called “Women heal from the her. outside in. Not the inside The result of that eve- out.” ning, was Jarboe real- Ruby Ribbon helped ized that she hadn’t for- Jarboe step out of the given some people she darkness. Between the needed to forgive. breast reconstruction “You’ve got to stop and and the incision hip to take the time to get bet- hip, she felt like a war ter. There is a message in zone. there. If you don’t (stop), “I had to start loving you’ll miss the message me again.” every time.” Until she tried on the It has taken Jarboe new apparel, she had years to even understand bruises and welts, was in and apply this to herself. chronic pain, depressed One final thing Jarboe and had no energy. wants women to know. “I was a train wreck.” “Your first inkling is Jan Jarboe during the time she decided that she was going to fi ght cancer and not worry about what others thought of her bald head. Then she tried some- you have to fight alone. thing on. For the first That’s not the case. time in three years, she There are wonderful bers attending a conference put on by her friend wasn’t in pain and she broke out crying in the Erin Lewis, a State Farm agent and owner of The breast cancer support groups here. But you do have middle of her kitchen, the place where her journey Dream Queen Association. She was restless that to decide to fight.” started. night. She’d gone to an- Her body felt better, but her emotions were still other room so not to dis- off kilter. She has learned that the body is first to turb her husband. There heal. She was still confident that this was still all she talked to God about God’s plan for her, but she was still struggling with her restlessness. She felt what she was supposed to learn. She knew some- Him tell her to get up thing was going on, but she couldn’t put her finger and take a shower at 3 on it. a.m. But before she was At least not until more recently. She remem- to get in the shower, she We look forward to meeting the needs of our o current and futu &PFVG2UrDTE0tT4PƗ6RƶBb2rFFf2Bb2r76F&v72'6FR2b2ג&FVr"22WfF62r07W6Vf7W'F22b2W&VW'fB2Cc72&W76RG&fR7VFR"( "V&GFv@6FVƗFRff6S#3#rF&VRF6&B7VFRB( "6Ɩf&B#c3ӓr( "wwr6vV6VF6