St. Mary's County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 3

Thursday, January 11, 2018 The County Times Local News 3 Men Fight Frozen Creek To Rescue Dog By Guy Leonard Staff Writer Ray Raley, a Ridge resident, is the owner of three prized black Labrador re- trievers at his home that sits astride St. Jerome’s Creek; during the bitter cold that gripped the county last week he nearly lost one of them to icy waters. But with the help of Mike Henderson, the owner of Buzz’s Marina that sits just behind his home, he was able to extricate Ripken from the frozen waters of St. Jeromes Creek where somehow he had gotten stuck. The two men had to race against time, and deal with Henderson’s recently frac- tured right arm to pull the dog from the ice. It started when Raley noticed that Ripken, a competitive sporting dog, was no- where to be found, especially since he was about to feed his canines. “That’s not like him to be gone for so long, especially when there’s food around,” Raley said. “I really started to get worried.” Raley’s neighbor, Henderson, said he had gone down to the wharf at his marina to check on boats when he heard a noise of an animal in distress; he began to look Ray Raley and one of his retrievers in July of 2012 around and found that it was Ripken stuck in the ice. What was worse, the sun was going down and the temperature continued to Henderson said he got a boat to ensure Raley would not do something rash. drop. “I think he would have jumped in to save him,” Henderson said of Raley. “All I saw was two glowing eyes looking at me,” Henderson told The County Four members of the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department came to render aid to Rip- Times. The two men quickly scrounged a boat, got on board and had to break ice to get ken, Henderson said: Bruce and Lori Raley and Ray Mercure and his 15-year-old son Tyler Mercure. over to the trapped Ripken. Now safe at home Ripken jumps up to greet strangers who come to the door and They were an unlikely pair. Henderson had taken his arm brace off despite a pre- vious fracture to his right arm and Raley had had a heart attack six months before. plays around with fellow retrievers Tyson and Maggie. But his master is keeping a close eye on him. When the two men got to Ripken they tried to pull him out but he was in the ice “He’s doing great,” Raley said. “But he doesn’t get to go outside without a leash too deep, they had to break the ice to try and free him. anymore.” Raley said Henderson had him hold his legs so he could lean out of the boat far enough to grab Ripken and pull him free at last. “He risked his life to save my dog,” Raley said. Deal To Take Over MetroCast Complete By Guy Leonard Staff Writer Atlantic Broadband has completed its acquisition of all MetroCast cable sys- tems in the United States, according to a statement from a public relations firm the company has retained. Jess Stafanowicz, spokesperson for Atlantic Broadband, which is a sub- sidiary of Cogeco Communications of Montreal in Canada, said that the Me- troCast name would eventually be sup- planted in favor of the Atlantic Broad- band moniker but not until the spring. She said customers can expect “faster internet speeds, TiVo services and Net- flix access.” “As of now everything stays the same,” Stefanowicz told The County Times, stating also that she was not aware of any service rate increases. Metrocast has not responded to com- plaints regarding the removal of certain sports channels in the their cable lineup. With the acquisition of Metrocast, Atlantic Broadband now operates cable and internet services in 11 states from Maine to Florida, serving more than 800,000 homes. MetroCast operates in New Hamp- shire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, with a virtual monopoly on on-line and cable services in St. Mary’s County. The total cost of MetroCast’s assets is about $1.4 billion. Though it has a dom inant market share here, Metrocast has been on the receiving end of constant complaints from residents who cannot share in their services due to cable not being laid near their homes, often in insolated rural areas. MetroCast representatives have re- sponded by saying that to lay new fiber optic cables in such areas would be too expensive for lack of population density. The option to run fiber to more iso- lated homes exists but at a high cost. Elected leaders have said that the cur- rent cable franchise agreement with the MetroCast gives virtually no room for negotiation on expansion of services. The Law Office of Troy C. Hansen, LLC t roy hansenl Family Law | Divorce/Separation Custody | Domestic Violence Adoptions | Guardianships Se habla espanol 22835 Washington Street | P.O. Box 2002 | Leonardtown, MD 301-475-5000 | Fax 301-475-3872