St. Mary's County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 29

Thursday, January 11, 2018 The County Times gain I have— NOT, I repeat, NOT the amaz- ing, nothing-better-in- the-world Cappuccino Crunch Keye’s Cream- ery cup of ice cream I treat myself to every Tuesday when I work at Keepin’ It Local in Morganza. This all leads to that dreaded January topic of diets. I need to find a diet that will be per- fect for me. Sometimes I think I have found one and then I realize that most of the foods listed in it are on the banned list from for those of us with autoimmune diseases, like the “nightshade vegetables, including eggplant, tomatoes, red bell peppers, mushrooms, and potatoes.” Everything I love. They are, however, “disease-fighting power­ houses that boast maximum nutrition for minimal calories. They also contain solanine, a chemical that has been branded the culprit in arthritis pain,” though many sufferers experience relief from these same vegetables. It is so confusing. Vegetables, fruits, and I, for the most part, do not agree with each other for another issue. What to do, what to eat? I LOVE high-carb comfort foods! January is usually a no-go on diets for my hus- band and I for another reason: leftover Christmas chocolates, desserts, and my best friend Bethany’s yearly arrival of a tin full of the best fudge found on the planet. Her mother won the Pillsbury bake-off in the mid-70’s for a chocolate cake—baking deca- dent sweets is in Bethany’s genes. Neither one of us “I Will Follow You” Well, I am starting to thaw out a little; don’t know if what we experienced in the last week or so would be considered a cold snap—it seemed more like a frozen sock in the jaw to me. I enjoy cooler weather but there is a limit. These are the snowfalls I like the best, where you see the beautiful snow for a day or two and then it melts away even faster. I just read somewhere (I think it was the AARP Magazine) that you burn more calories when you leave your thermostat on 65 degrees. Shivering, it said, is a great way to lose weight. I would agree: I think if the heat is up too high you just get lethargic and want to lay on the couch, eating comfort snacks and food like a tree sloth. The problem in our house is that we don’t have a thermostat and only use our woodstove; the major problem (for me) is that my husband likes the woodstove to heat up to blast fur- nace temperatures. I have been known to go down in our guest room, and either turn on the rolling air conditioner or open the windows in the dead of win- ter. He loves the heat—the more, the better. So, in fact, it is my husband’s fault concerning any weight Contributing Writers 29 seems to have the will power to toss all of this in to the trash the day after Christmas. It didn’t help that my sister-in-law sent a huge bag of retro candies, and my brother filled the packing box full of can- dies as a cushion. I won’t even be thinking of the fudge, and my husband will be at the tin cutting out a chunk and ask, “Would you like a piece?” I have always been a follower – it was a problem for me as a teen, and it has seemed to stay with me into adult- hood. My mother’s words flit through my head for a moment, “Would you jump off a cliff if so and so did too?!” The words pass quickly, thank God, and I readily agree to jump off a cliff with my husband into a river of chocolate fudge, all thanks to this character flaw of being a follower. Was this what the wedding vows meant about obeying? I forgot – I had that taken out I think and replaced with “I will follow you.” Must be nothing but trouble ahead. To each new day’s adventure, Shelby Please send your comments or ideas to: Shelbys., or find me on Facebook! Advertising Representative Wanted APPLY TODAY Requirements: Advertising sales or comparable experience | Professional creative problem solving attitude Strong presentation skills | Exceptional written/verbal communication skills Ability to work independently | Entrepreneurial spirit Send resume to