St. Mary's County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 24

24 Calendars The County Times St. Mary’s Department of Aging Programs and Activities Thursday, January 11, 2018 Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 1658 Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 1050 Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 3101 Visit for the most up-to date information Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services A Matter of Balance The Garvey Senior Activity Center will be of- fering A Matter of Balance on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30 p.m. starting January 9- February 27. A Matter of Balance is a nationally recognized, award-winning time-tested program for people over 60 designed to help manage falls and in- crease activity levels. In this class, participants will learn to: View falls and fear of falls as controllable Set realistic goals for increasing activity Make changes to reduce falls at home Exercise to increase strength and balance Classes are two hours in length and are held once a week for eight weeks and are led by two trained coaches in the Matter of Balance pro- gram. Class format is mostly lecture/discussion with approximately 30 minutes of exercise each session. All materials are provided. To sign up for the course, call 301-475-4200, ext. 1050. Space is limited so sign up early. No Sew Fleece Pillow Cover With the cold weather setting in you need something warm and fuzzy to cuddle. Why not cover your favorite pillow with snuggly f leece? The Northern Senior Activity Center will have a no sew f leece pillow cover class on Thursday, January 11 at 10:30-11:30 a.m. Make your own no sew f leece pillow cover with fringe for free. You bring the pillow and we provide everything else. You can bring anything from a throw pillow to a Opioid Learning Series: Kickoff with Screening of ‘Chasing the Dragon’ Lexington Park Library, in partner- ship with the St. Mary’s County Health Department, will hold the first of a six- part Opioid Learning Series: Kickoff with a screening of Chasing the Dragon on Thursday, January 11 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, the FBI and DEA have released “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,” a docu- mentary that explores the dangers of addiction. This session will feature a screening of this powerful documentary followed by a guided discussion on the opioid epidemic. The second in the Opioid Learning series, ‘The Opioid Crisis in St. Mary’s County’ will be held on Thursday, Janu- king-size; no body pillows please. Assorted col- ored and pattern f leece will be provided. Space is limited. To sign up for this craft in advance, please visit the signup table or call 301-475- 4200, ext. *3103. Zumba Gold at Northern It’s 2018 and this is your year! Get moving on your fitness goals and try your first class for free. The Northern Senior Activity Center offers Zumba Gold on Tuesdays at 10-11 a.m. Getting fit was never so fun, as you dance to upbeat mu- sic while meeting friendly and welcoming peo- ple. Keep going to class by purchasing a fitness card. Fitness cards are $30 for 10 sessions and are available at the front desk. For more informa- tion about this program, call 301-475-4200, ext. *3103. Swing Dance Lessons Fun, fitness and style, all in one place! Swing Dance Lessons will be offered at the Loff ler Se- nior Activity Center on Thursdays Jan.11-Feb 8 from 1-2:30 p.m. (5 sessions). These classes are taught by Henry Brown. Cost is $50/pp payable to the instructor on the first day of classes. Partners are recommended, though not required. Register for this class by Jan. 8 by calling 301-475-4200, ext. *1658, or stop by the reception desk. ary 25 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This session will explore the opioid epidemic in St. Mary’s County. Local data, pre- vention and response efforts will be shared by Dr. Meenakshi G. Brewster, MD, MPH, FAAFP, St. Mary’s County Health Officer.   National Issues Forum: Safety and Justice The Lexington Park Li Ʌݥ)9ѥ%Օ́մM䁅))ѥMɑ䰁)Յ܁ɽ)ѼЁ!܁Mձ=ȁ )չIՍYAɕ͕ѕ)ѹ͡ݥѠ Ʌ1д)ɥ9ѥ%Օ́յ́ȁѤ)镹́ѡչѼѽѡȁѼ)ɅєѼ́ݥѠѡ)Ё݅́ѼɽձЁՕ)Ѽݽɬѽ݅ɐɕѥɕͽ)ՉՑиQѡɕMѡɸ)5居Ʌѕ̀Mи5ḛ) ٕЁ ɱ̤ݥ)9ѥ%Օ́մ)Յ䁽ѡ)ѽ!܁Mձ=ȁ չI)ՍY Ёܹɜ)ѼɕѡեɕɔѼ͍̄)IɅѥɕեɕ+ )I@Mɥ٥)QЁI@Mɥ٥͔ݥ)Ёѡ1ȁMȁѥ٥ ѕȁ)]͑䰁)܁ɽ䁄ѼȁݥѠ)ȁչɕЀQ́ɽɅՑ)ͥ́ɽչ̰ٕЁɭ̰)ѽͥɕЁչ)ͅ䁥Օ́Ս͕́ЁЁɸ)͔ͥQЁ̀ԁȁI@̰(ȁ̰光ѼI@ѡ)䁽̸AɔɕɅѥ́ɕեɕ)͡䁍ĴԴи(ȁѽѡɕɅѥͬЁ1)5䰁)ԸA͔ѥԁݥ͠)ѼɑȁչɽѡѕȸQЁ)չ̀؁ԁɔչȀ䁑ѥ)ȁѡ͔啅́)IյՈ)Qͽѡ܁ɸѼ)IյՈЁѡٕMȁѥ٥ ѕ)QՕ͑䰁)Յ̀ЀQ́)ݽəհѼɸѼɕ͔Ʌ)չѥɔͽ䁥ٽٕ) ѥ ɽЁ́ѡՍѽȁͼԁɔ)ՅɅѕѼٔոQͥĴԴ(и)5ɽͽЁ=)%ɽՍѥѼ]ɐ)1ɑѽݸ1Ʌݥ5)ɽͽЁ=%ɽՍѥѼ]ɐ)QՕ͑䰁)Յ́ɽȁѼ)1ɸ܁Ѽɕєɵа)ɥаٔͅյ́ͥ5)ɽͽЁ]ɐAɕɕեͥє ͥͭ)ͥѡ͔剽ɐձ)ѕȁ͕́ɔѕѼ̀)IɅѥɕեɕ+ ) ѕȁ ͥ̀)%ɽՍѥѼ]̀) ɱє!1Ʌݥ) ѕȁ ͥ̀%ɽՍѥѼ)]̀]͑䰁)Յ)ɽȁѼЁAЁݼ)Ё͕ɥ̸ɔѡͥ́5ɼ)ͽӊéɅѥѕ1ɸ܁Ѽ)ɕєѽɔ̀)̰ոձѥɽɅ̸1ɸ)܁Ѽ͔مɥ́ѽ́ѕՕ)Ѽȁѕȁɥɔ)ɽՍѥٔձЁѕȁ͕́ɔ)ѕѼ̀؁IɅѥ)ɕեɕ+ ) ́ ɽЁ ) ɱє!1Ʌݥ) ́ ɽЁ́Q͑))ՅԁɽѼ1ɸ)ѡͥ́ ɽЁ)Ȅ9ɥͅ丁)ѕչЁɽЁ́ɸ)ݥɽ٥A͔ɥȁݸ)ͥ锁(ɽЁٵ׊e)Ѽхȁݽɬ̀ȁ)IɅѥɕեɕ+ )Aɕ͍M)ɕMݵMQ4)1᥹ѽAɬ1Ʌݥ)Aɕ͍MɕMܴ)MQ4ɥ䰁)Յ؁ɽ(ѼЁԁ݅ЁѼե)͹ݵ ɸЁѡ͍)͹܁ݥѠɥ)ɅɽɽѼոѼݹɥ)Á͔Ѽɥѡ)ݽɵЁ͹܁ɽѡ)ѡ̸Iȁ(̴ذɕɅѥɕեɕ̴؁e̸)IɅѥɕեɕ