St. Mary's County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 18

18 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, January 11, 2018 Statewide Collaboration to PROTECT Elderly Marylanders The average victim of elder financial abuse loses up- wards of $120,000. Recognizing financial abuse—de- fined as the improper or illegal use of an older adult’s property or money— as the most common type of elder abuse, and accepting responsibility as a first-line de- fense, Maryland nonprofit financial counseling agency, Guidewell Financial Solutions is leading a statewide campaign in partnership with Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot to “Protect Older Americans from Financial Exploitation” — declared PROTECT Week. During PROTECT Week, Jan. 8-12, Marylanders will have an opportunity to learn about the many forms of abuse of older adults via the resources of more than a dozen local and national partners including the Mary- land Office of the Attorney General, the Maryland Of- fice of the Comptroller, Guidewell Financial Solutions, EverSafe, AARP Maryland and AARP Fraud Watch Network, Maryland Department of Aging, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, Maryland Consumer Rights Coali- tion, Wells Fargo, the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection, and The CASH Campaign of Maryland. “There are huge risks that older victims of financial exploitation can face in terms of their personal finan- cial health and overall economic well-being,” said President and CEO of Guidewell Financial Solutions Helene Raynaud. “When it comes to assisting older adults with finances, our job is to act as a financial advocate and partner. We’re committed to reporting suspected financial exploitation of older Marylanders, so we’re on the first line of defense. Raising aware- ness about the prevalence of this issue is imperative to prevention.”  Prevention and early detection of elder financial ex- ploitation is key to maintaining the financial health of older Marylanders, fueling the mission of PROTECT Week to raise awareness of the issue and give the tools to intervene early when an older adult is in danger. The weeklong campaign will feature four main events where older Mar [[\[Z\\YY B]\[X\[ܙHX]H][[\ق[\[[X[X\KHY[YZ[H\[œYۜو]Y[[\[[[[X[X\H›X\[[[ۈ[HX\]Y\[YYX\[™[[X[[ XZ[˂Y[H\X[\Y[\Z[Z\X]Y܂[HHX[Hو[[X[^]][ۋ۝XB[ۙU\H\HXYX[ZHH]BX\[[\\Y[وY[܈[HXK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[H[Y[Hو][™܈HYZ\]˔XYZ˘K]8&\Y^[]YNH]YHXHܙX[BH\^HXۂ۝X][ܚ]\XHܙX[K[\XXK\H[[Y\\N\H\]\^HۈۈH[\[^H[]BH[\[XHܙX[H \[Y\X[H\H[[ۙHؘ[ۜ[Y\[X[HX][[]\YHو]H[H[[ۜقXHܙX[H\\]K[HH™^\و[[Y\X]H]\[ۙHܘ]B[HY]X] H[[Y][[\\]\\و[\\\ۂ\HYH^\YH[KB܈و\HZYˈ][B\ Yܙ\]Z\ܜ\\&\Y[XZ[ۋ[][ž[HܘXH[و[\]ܚ]HKB^H]܋[YHXHYY[ NNKB\[H\]Hۈݙ\ [B\[[HۙY][ۜ\[HKˋ[Y\][ۈXZ[˜[XHܙX[H8'H Y\[ۙY^x'B]XXܙHZ[K]ݙ\ M KBܜوXHܙX[\\]][X[X\[[ܙH[Z\X\H\\&\]X[]K\][]K[YX\B[\][ۈ]]\\HKB]][ۈ[Y\\Y\Z[˜X܈[ܙKY][]HB[]][ۈ\]YY܂LHYX\˂]8&\\8'[X^[\Y\\x'B]^ ^YX\\]܈HZ[ܙY B]܈Hܙx&\X\Y]HYX\[HXX\\&\\B[ۈو[\\][ۋZ[^\H]ܙH\œX]\H8'\XHܙX[Hݙ\\B[\KHۛ[H[ܘ]H][H\[۝x'Bܘ]H^HΈH LHKˈ\\ BY[وYܚX[\HYH[]][[ٙ\XZX[X\[XBܙX[HX[ۈ\]]\[ \H\H[YH LZ[[ۈ[ۜ›وXHܙX[HXYKY\\܈]Y\ H[۝وY\ \X[ۈ[BYKXܙY Z[[ۈ[ۜقHX] ]HY\\[Y\Xx&\[˜\HXۙ [\\ؘ[XHܙX[BX\] Z[ۛH[JHY\\›\\KY]]\[\Y\]\]\ؘ[\H[وH\\ ]8&\HܝX\]HۙY][ܛX][ۂ\[H[H[[H MYB]^وH[ۜ[Z[]\šZ[H\\XHوH[HKB]HH[X[YY[\ X\KB[Y&]XZHH] ]X\B ˈ\[Y\ KO[ۘ\]K]][]H]X\ۘ[]܂]Z[X[]H [[\XY[YۛKH[ۈܙB][\0H[H[ۜ܂Y\[ۚY\܈HYX[Z^قH٘K[]\[ۈ[Y˜وHޙ[X] ]\[B[ ]\[\[][Hق\[\\&\Y[\[ܙH؝KB\]Y][ۘ[XHܙX[HXX[˜[Y^HY\[[[Y\H\[\ٚ]XH[B\[۝˂ٚ]و\K\H[[[XBܙ[H\HX\ۘ[[\ΈB MYHHۛ[HX\]XHBQ\X[][\YXXBXXZ\XZ[[H[]Y\ [HX[X\XX\H[\\]H[\\]\KZ[ۛ”]\X\[[8&\[\X^H]X\X[H\Y\]\]ۘYH\\X[ۈH[[Y\YZ[ \\Hو\\&\و] ^X\H[[\ܙK[]8'Y\H^H[[Y\[۝\[\\[ۈ[B[\\\X]H[۝8'H[[\]Q\X8&\[[ˈ]H[X[^\]]X\8&\\Y\[\\]\\YH[8'\ B[[\Y\'H[HX\Y\[X[[ܙX\Hو\[\˂\܈\]][ۈH[\܈H[[ܛ\Bܙ\Z[\۸&]ܜYY HKBY]\]\]][ۈ\\\B\[\YHܛ H\\]\\&\\\ۈ8'[\\H\[]\H\XوH\KB\8'H]Z[HX[ۈوXHܙX[H[YHۙ\][[H\\HZ\۝[\ܘ\Y\˂'^Z[XHܙX[HH\\&\š\\ܝ[[\[][]K8'HZ[˜Y\\ˈ8'H[\HYH\KB\Y[Y\[ܚٝ[]HT و]\X\[[ K\\&\\Y[X][B[Y[Y\[ܙ[^][ۜ[[Z\H[ۙ^H[]\KB\ˈ\\Y\\H[\ܝ[\[H[Z[[H\HX]B^\Y[H^HXZ]K]Z\B\ܝ H[۝[YHY\\\&\HYK]ۈXHܙX[H][Z[H[Z[H[Y\x'B\\&\\]Y] HY\[X[ [HX\و] ]Z[H[\\H L KH KY[[[X\ HܙB[ۘHYZ[\[YHZ\[[Y\\[[H LHKK L K]\H^K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X\\و]XZ˂K܈X\\&\و]ۈXX܈H]\]ܜ[XX[