St. Mary's County Times January 11, 2018 - Page 14

14 The County Times In Our Community Thursday, January 11, 2018 MetCom Water Storage Towers: Progress Report The Metro- politan Commis- sion (MetCom) provides public water and sewer services to por- tions of St. Mary’s County, operating 28 water supply and distribution systems across the county. This includes 67 wells, which supplied approx i mately 1.4 billion gal- lons of water in fiscal year 2017. Likewise, Met- Com owns and operates 5 wastewater treatment facilities that treated a combined average of 1.5 billion gallons, an average of over 240,000 gallons of waste per day in fiscal year 2017, along with managing two private sewage facili- ties under agreements with the facilities’ owners. Recently added to the system are two (2) new elevat- ed water storage towers (WST) and associated produc- tion wells, located in Hollywood and Charlotte Hall, currently in the final phases of construction close- out. Both projects will be completed under budget and will include state-of-the art radio communication technology. The new Hollywood elevated WST near the Broad Creek and Twin Ponds subdivisions will serve the Hollywood Town Center. This tower will provide 500,000 gallons of storage and a 400-gallon per min- ute (gpm) well.The new facility will ensure adequate fire suppression, improve water pressure, and provide additional storage to support planned growth in the area. The approved capital construction budget was $3.486M and was funded through a low interest loan from the Department of Housing and Community De- velopment (DHCD). Maryland Department of the En- vironment’s Certification of Potability for the well was obtained on November 6, 2017. Water quality testing for the storage tank has been completed and the facil- ity