St. Mary's County Times December 07, 2017 - Page 10

Education 10 The County Times V iSit S outherN M arylaNd ’ S l argeSt c hriStMaS S hop Artificial Tree SALE! Save $ to $ Off Take an Extra 100 OFF 50 200 Wentworth’s Sale Prices $ Take an Extra 50 OFF $ 7 1/2’ or taller trees priced from $ 299 - $ 399 Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Only the best Noble & Fraser Firs BENEFITS OF A PRELIT TREE: Starting at $ 49 99 Take an Extra 150 OFF $ Today’s pre-lit trees offer a natural and realistic appearance and are easy to set up and store away. Trees priced from $ 750 - $ 899 • Strong branches can support heavier ornaments Take an Extra 75 OFF Trees priced from $ 429 - $ 549 • Flame retardant • Pine Spore & Wood Mold Allergy Free Live Hardy Christmas Trees Spruce, Pine & Holly. Plant a tradition this year. Have a Green Christmas Door Step Evergreens Boxwood, Pine & Spruce. Decorate your front porch with a living evergreen. Plant in the ground after winter. Buy 1, Get a 2 Take an Extra 200 OFF • No Watering $ • No Mess with Needles or Sap Trees priced from $ 949 & up • No Untangling String Lights All Sizes 1/2 Price Poinsettias Wentworth Grown, Premium Quality. Over 20 colors & varieties to choose. Buy 3 or More Save 3 to 15 Off $ $ CSM Has Record-Breaking #GivingTuesday $ • Bendable branches for greater decorating options. nd Trees priced from $ 550 - $ 699 Thursday, December 7, 2017 Torchier Life Like Candle Multiple sizes (red white & ivory) Save $ 10 00 When You Buy 3 Candles CSM Foundation Chair Nancy Hempstead, right, visits with a recipient of Hempstead Family Scholarship, Ashley Stinnett, at the Prince Frederick Campus on #GivingTuesday, Nov. 28. Cyclamen Individual Christmas Ornaments All colors! Premium Wentworth Grown. When you Only $ 99 buy 3 or more 1,000’s to choose from. 9 Buy 4, Get 5 for th Fairy Gardens Start a Fairy Garden this year. It’s a fun way to teach kids about gardening. 1 ¢ Amaryllis Bulb Kits Table Top Decor We have a wide assortment of table top decorations to make your holiday display perfect. Starting at $ 14 99 Fresh Live Wreaths See Our Line of BBQ & Entertaining Dips, Seasonings & Sauces Order Your Hand Tied Bows Today All sizes from 20” to 60” Big Green Egg Get a 50 Gift Certificate $ with Small or Medium Egg purchase Save $ 100 Gift Certificate Choose from Blue Bay, Rothschild & more. with Large or X-Large Egg purchase All sizes! N ow S cheduliNg w iNter h ardScapiNg & h oliday c leaNupS & w iNter p ruNiNg Don’t Wait! Schedule an Appointment With a Designer Today. 1-800-451-1427 or Sales good thru December 24th, 2017 Wentworth Nursery Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick 30315 Three Notch Rd, Charlotte Hall 20622 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, Prince Frederick 20678 301-884-5292 800-558-5292 410-535-3664 1-866-535-3664 Holiday Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm, Sat. 8am-6pm, Sun. 9am-6pm Oakville 5 minutes North of Hollywood 41170 Oakville Road Mechanicsville 20659 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5, Sat. 8-3, Closed Sundays The generosity that is a hallmark of this community helped the College of South- ern Maryland Foundation raise nearly $120,000 for student scholarships and pro- grams on #GivingTuesday, Nov. 28. “What’s especially gratifying about this year’s Giving Tuesday is the overwhelm- ing support for the college expressed both by the community and by the college’s staff and faculty,” said CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy. “We are so grate- ful to all who gave on Giving Tuesday and t H]H][[H\ \HY[\Y[XY]HZ\X[\˸'B\[H Z\ۛ[H][  ͍ۛܜ]H LNK [H\]و]B[Y\^K[[\][ۘ[^H\Yۈ[[H[][\]XY^KX[\[\”]\^H[X\[ۙ^KH BYHYYYH]X\ [\]YBۛܜ\[\YX\&\][ ][\\\Y [Hۘ][ۜX[YH\H]\H[B[Z[x&\ MK X][ۘ][ۈY BY\[ܙH[H \[[ܙX\Bݙ\\YX\&\][ˈ\YX\HB[][ۈZ\Y MY B[\]YHۛܜYHۛ[H][ ۈ][Y\^K\\[]]\™HY[ݙ\Y[[\\X\Y[YY8'[^[H][ۜ'H]YHوHH[\\\8%[H]K[ۘ\ۈ[[HY\XˈBY[[Yۛܜ[\Y]Y\B[ۜ\Y[^[H\[]B][KY][ٙYK[Z[HR\\ NKوX[Y X\\\܈H]x&\Y[\XKB[ۋ\][ۙY]HH]H[KB\\HH][۝و\\ \]]][HY\[HܙY[]Hۘ][ۈYH\H\وۛܜ˜[H[[[وۘ][ۜܙ]]XXX˂']8&\X[H[YK8'HHZY \B؜\YH[\[\\[\H[\\Yۘ][ۈ܈ۛܜ\[\SHܘ[\[X[HXB[HY[X\\H][[\ۜHHYH\Y[8&\[[K]\BYXYH[[]X[Yو K [[[[Y[[\YY\[\[XZ[[[\X ^Z[H[ۘ]H HXݙH[^[ۙ\Y܂]\HH[\YYH\X\]Yۂ݋ []\ LMHH[\YY\œ\X\]Y[H[[KR\\[ۘ]YH\Y]Hق\\[\[H][ 8'\B\\X\Y[^\[H[Yœ]\H[\][YHXœ\\܈\Y[8'HHZY '][YHYۘ]HHو[ۙ^KB[Y]X\]HY][š[ٝ[H[H܈][X[B\\ܝ[]Y\\H8)H\KBX]HHܙX]Yܝ]HH[KB[ۈ]ܝ\܈HY[˸'B]H[ۘ\ۈ[\\Y[KB\وHY[\X][ۈYY[]H][Y\^H][ \H و[ۘ\ۋ\KB[وH[ۘ\ۈ[\\Y[ݙ\Y[ ZY]\[X\HK8'BXYYH[]HX8'HHZY Y[]X[HY[[Hۈ B\\\\[H[Y[ݙ\Y[[YHY]\܈HY[˂H