St. Mary's County Times August 10, 2017 - Page 22

22 In Our Community Community Calendar Friday, August 11 Women’s Conference First Missionary Baptist Church 46370 Pegg Lane, Lexington Park, MD 20653 8:00 AM The Women’s Ministry of First Mission- ary Baptist Church cordially invites you to attend its annual Women’s Conference on August 26, 2017, where we will be “Pro- ceeding to the Open Door”. The Women’s Conference commences at 9:00 a.m.— 3:00 p.m., with a Continental Breakfast being served at 8:00 a.m. and with lunch being served at 11:50 a.m. Our facilita- tors for the occasion are Reverend Emma Curry, Associate Minister, Zion Baptist Church, Welcome, MD and Reverend Mi- chelle Dockett, First Lady of One Church, DMV and the Conference Preacher is Minister Brenda Palmer, First Lady of Is- rael Total Life Ministries, Waldorf, MD. Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased by contacting First Missionary Baptist Church at 301-863-8388. Tickets will be available at the door. 29th L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival Goddard Farm Clay Hill Road off of Fairground Road in Leonardtown, MD 12:00 PM Featuring: Flatt Lonesome; Lorraine Jor- dan & Carolina Road; David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition; Mickey Galyean and Cullen’s Bridge; Randall Hibbitts and Ap- palachia; Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass; The Tyler Williams Band; The Feinberg Brothers; and The Northern Con- nection Bluegrass Band. Sound by Troy Jones. Family Style, Rain or Shine, con- cert area under permanent pavilion, Bring your lawn chairs, plenty of parking on site, 24 Hour Security, home cooked food, ice cream, and non-alcohol beverages. Tick- ets: 2 day in advance: $45.00 each until July 15 (afterward gate price). 2 day at the gate: $55.00 each. Friday gate: $30.00 each (Show starts at 2:00 pm). Saturday gate: $30.00 each (Show starts at 12:00 pm). Under 12 admitted free with paid adult. To order by mail, please make check or money order payable to “L’il Marga- ret’s Bluegrass” and send a self-addressed stamped to: L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass, P.O. Box 741, California, MD 206119. To order Publisher Associate Publisher General Manager Al Dailey Advertising Jen Stotler Phone The County Times by credit card, go to: lilmargaretsblue- Camping: Electric & Water: $30.00 per day. Rough Camping: $20.00 weekend. Paid at the gate, but to reserve a specifi c site, call 301-475-8191. Dump Station available $5.00. Vendor spaces are available. For more information: 301-737- 3004, LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique Fundraiser/ Care Net Pregnancy Center 21562 Thames Avenue, Lexington Park, MD 20653 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM The Tri-County Area is invited to attend a LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique Fundraiser to support the Care Net Pregnancy Cen- ter of Southern Maryland Co-hosted by the Friends of Care Net SOMD and Lu- LaRoe JoAnne Mankowski! LuLaRoe is a modern line of girls’ and women’s clothing, ranging is size from Kids 2T- 14 and Women’s 2XS-3XL. Our clothing comes in a variety of different fabrics, prints, and styles so you are sure to fi nd something you love! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Care Net SOMD! If you are unable to attend this event and would like to make a purchase in support of the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland, please contact me, JoAnne Mankowski at 301-997-5936 or email: purplegrace@rea- You can also fi nd my business page on Facebook at LuLaRoeJoAnneManowski. PRC’s Drive-In Movie Event St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM We are excited to announce our 2nd An- nual Drive-In Movie Event at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds! In addition to the showing of the movie Trolls on a 40’ theater-sized movie screen and drive-in style parking, our Drive-In Movie Event will also feature live music, concessions, arts and crafts, exhibits by other local nonprofi t agencies, and many other pre- movie activities to create a truly memo- rable experience for our local families. Funds raised above expenses for this event will benefi t The Promise Resource Center, a southern Maryland nonprofi t dedicated to educating, guiding, and supporting lo- cal families. Online tickets are $8 per person and are on sale now at thepromise- Tickets will be $12 per Thomas McKay Eric McKay [Z[^P[][Y\˛][[][Y\˛] KLM LBܘ\X\Yۙ\[YH^\[YZ^\[][Y\˛]Y]܂X^Y\X^Y\[][Y\˛]Yܚ]\^H[ۘ\[\–X[^[[ۘ\[][Y\˛]X[][Y\˛]ܘ\\‘[X\]X\ ZZH]ۂ۝X][ܚ]\“]\HXKۈ^K[H[ [^H\X[Y]ۂ\^K]Y\ L  M•XZ][\][\[[\[][]H[[\X\H[XZ[[Y\[[\[][Y\˛]]H\[]Z[H L KۈH[ۙ^H[܈\\^HXX][ۋ\ۈ]H܋[[ [[\\HYKX][H\\Y]˂\Z\X[\ܙ]Z[[VTSH\[Y[X\x&\[H[B MH\H\\Y[[K^[ۂ\Q LΌ BSRUVTSHTBSQS ^H[H L \ˈYۂ\H H[XZ]H[Y][ۘ[ L \ˈ[ۘ[ HY [ۈ[XZ]BK \ˈ[\[X[B \ˈ[\[X\ZY []\YH\H]Z[XH܈\B\K\[Y\[\\ۈ\\H\H[Y^Y\]\H[\B\Y [N KH [Z] XZBKΈ L8% H[Z] \] JKX\H[\YHYHوHZ[ B[ˈ]Y\[ۜΈ[Y\X[ MMB [XZ[X[[[ܐXZ˘KZ\X\H[H]Nݙx&\KB\&\\ܚX X\x&\]K]H\B]ۂ M]H\H  X\x&\]KQ ΌH H L Bݙx&\X\&\\\[Y[\ B\\]H]ۙH^Y\ˈXB]X\\KXܙ[YKZ[]\B\[]Z[XK\\][ۜXKBY[Y˚XY\ܞKܙ][ œZ\X\KX]K[[WYLM ]\^K]Y\ LH[X[]\][[B[ۘ\ۈ[Y\\YH]XYZ[[[[ۘ\ۋQΌ SH H BX\H[\܈\[X[]\][œ[H\H[H[; HX\[H][\[ZYܘY[\]H[\[][\ˈY[H[ZH™ۘ]H][\܈H[HX\H[ BN MLL Y[H[ZH[HXB܈ L[[\ۈ][\X\H[ LN MM Y[&\ۙ\[B\Z\[ۘ\H\\\ Y[K^[ۈ\Q LŽ SBHY[&\Z[\Hو\Z\[ۋB\H\\\ܙX[H[]\[H˜][][X[Y[&\ۙ\[Hۂ]Y\  M\HH[H8'BYY[H[ܸ'KHY[&\ۙ\[H[Y[\]N KK%Ό  K]H۝[[[XZ٘\Z[\Y] KK[][Z[\Y] LNLKK\X[]KBܜ܈H\[ۈ\H]\[[[XB\K\X]HZ[\\[ۈ\\\ [YKQ[]\[ZKB[H] \YHوۙH\ U[Hۙ\[HXX\\“Z[\\[H[Y\\YHو\BY[[YHZ[\Y\[ܙQ X]\H K [[H\\YH۝X[\Z\[ۘ\H\\\] KN N  X][B]Z[XH]H܋X\ۘ[\Y\&\X\]\ܚX\^B \^H[K] Q ͂ SH H N BX\^Kܙ܈]Z[˂H\\]\^BBN SH H N BYHو]\X\[[H]K[HY\X[[ۘ\ۈ[KB\\ˈXYH\]OHš]H[XYH\YY܈YZ\[ۈ\H[B]Y\\]\^K[HKB[[\]H[ۙH^H]\][›YYYYܙH\\ˈ\[\\\]HX[Y[\ Y[›YYZHX[Y[\]\\]HBHKKKYY]][Y\\Y\\[^H܈\\ˈ KNL M͍K˘Y YK\K\Y\\ܙY] \\\]\^\˂]\QXܘ]]HZ[\”Z[ R[[[XX[]Hۘ\[ۈ\ M[YH YX[Xݚ[KQ NH \[H[H[Z[H\ BNSH H Ό BH[HZ[[H\YۋY\\B[^\[YH[[۝X\™܈\H[Y[x&YZHZ[ۂH]Hو[\\] [H[\]\X]H]˜YZ[ ܙˈ[H]Y\B[ۜ۝X\]H KN L B܈[XZ[X\Z[ MXZ[ K[[KH X\x&\[H[Y\\HYZH]\\ݚY[][[ܛX][ۈ܂H\Y[و X\x&\[KH X\x&\[H[Y\[H]Z[XHۈ]B[]\H\^KH\\\X\YH]\X\[[X\[\[KX\\ۜXH܈HܛK۝[ [XY\وH]\\H X\x&\[H[Y\\\\H[H]X[[YY܈[ܜH[HX܈\XH[]›]ݙ\YKHۜY\Y܈XX][ۋ\X\[]\HY]܈XZ]Y]\[YHBܚ]\&\[KY\[^][YHۙH\XZ\[ۜ]\H[]\YB KۈH[ۙ^H[܈\\^HXX][ۈ[\HX[Y[܈]YZ˂Y\]XY[KH X\x&\[H[Y\[XZH]\H][\XHX\]H۝[ ][X\[YHˈ]\X^HHۙ[Y Y]Y܈\]K[Y\H\Z[\\HHܙHوHܚ]\&\\[Y[ \Y[X]\X[XZ]YH]\\[X\Y܈XX][ۈ[XZ[]H]]܋]H X\x&\[H[Y\[]X[Y\X^HY[H\XH][[ [XۚX܈\ܛ\ˈB\H[XHXۛYHXZ\و]\ˈH X\x&\[H[Y\[X\[YB]]\H]\܈HXZ]Y[HX\Y YH[YH܈XHۜZ[˂[H[Y\” X\x&\” ˈ L8(] Q