St Giles Hospice - Our Five Year Strategy - 2017-2022 St Giles Five Year Strategy 2017 - Page 7

Our community Living with dying 2,306 people received bereavement support in 2016 We’re striving to create a society where we can all support each other during difficult times. Many of us find talking about dying hard because we are afraid of saying the wrong thing. But we know from our experience that talking about death can be incredibly positive. In our communities we have set up groups to help increase people’s confidence to talk about dying. We believe that enabling our communities to understand bereavement is essential and we provide training for schools, employers and a wide range of other organisations. There are practical issues such as financial planning, funeral wishes, treatment choices and place of care to consider, as well as emotional issues like trying to say goodbye. St Giles has provided support for bereaved families for many years and now shares this knowledge widely via Bereavement Help Points and Phoenix at St Giles which are open to everyone in our community. Phoenix at St Giles is a service dedicated to supporting young people deal with the impact of loss. We believe that talking about dying is fundamental to improving care – both for those who are ill and those who are grieving. At St Giles, we’re trying to break the taboo that surrounds talking about dying and helping people to be better equipped to deal with death and plan for it. “Children don’t get over the grief of losing a parent – the grief evolves with time – so it’s good to know we have this support should we need it. I feel very privileged to have been offered a place on the family support group. I thought because my husband had not died at St Giles Hospice that we wouldn’t be eligible.” Family support client Page 07