St Giles Hospice - Our Five Year Strategy - 2017-2022 St Giles Five Year Strategy 2017 - Page 15

“St Giles Hospice has and continues to demonstrate a willingness and ability to challenge the current arrangement to improve service provision and their desire to innovate and diversify will allow them to play a pivotal role in influencing the future model of end of life care.” NHS Commissioner “Since I’ve been working at St Giles, I’ve been blown away by the level of support we get from the community. People give so generously of their time, money and donations to shops. There’s a real warmth towards St Giles, which mirrors that warmth you feel when you come into any of our centres and shops. I’m really proud to work here.” Member of staff “My friend was in St Giles for about two weeks and she received really wonderful care. It sounds funny to say but she was really happy and content there in those last couple of weeks of her life. And although we were a group of best friends, we were treated like family. The staff supported us and were really respectful of the fact we just wanted to spend time with her.” Patient’s friend “Through my time volunteering for St Giles I have got to know a lot of people and it’s been such a sociable and rewarding experience to volunteer for the charity. You have the opportunity to meet such lovely people and working to give something back is amazing.” Volunteer Page 15