St Giles Hospice - Our Five Year Strategy - 2017-2022 St Giles Five Year Strategy 2017 - Page 12

Sustainability Overcoming challenges £9m cost to provide care each year “What I found truly amazing was that they are there for the whole family, not just the patient. My dad was given a bed by my mum’s side in her final week of care.” Page 12 Unfortunately the number of people with cancer is increasing. In addition as
our population is ageing, more people are living and dying with multiple illnesses. This means we must increase our funding so that we can support more people and continue to work with other organisations so that together we can make a difference. To protect the future of St Giles we ensure that our Board of Trustees and professional teams have the skills and resources required to lead a high-quality and efficient care charity. We continue to manage costs tightly as we face increasing demand for
our services. The majority of our expenditure is on staff as we have to offer terms and conditions comparable to the NHS in order to recruit the nursing and medical personnel we require. We seek to train and develop volunteers for roles wherever possible. Our income streams face many challenges. 65% of our care is funded by voluntary income due to the generosity of our communities with 35% of our funding from the NHS. We are experiencing the triple impact of more people needing our care,
no growth in our voluntary income and pressure on maintaining our NHS income which has seen some reductions in 2016/17. Recognising we cannot meet demand in isolation, we value our partnerships and collaborations to ensure efficient use of resources across all health and care providers. 1,000 more people locally who need our specialist care