St Giles Hospice - Our Five Year Strategy - 2017-2022 St Giles Five Year Strategy 2017 - Page 11

“St Giles treats everyone as an individual. They’ve encouraged me to live every day to the fullest. I’m not just a person who’s got cancer. I’m me again.” 1,481 current volunteers We have a responsibility to make Over the next five years we aim to: sure that our team is supported Improve the range of and cared for during their time opportunities for volunteering by with St Giles. They need to be providing increased flexibility and resilient and able to cope with a better recruitment process their role in offering care and compassion to our patients, their Improve the way we recruit loved ones, our communities and by being more engaging and each other. better promoting the career opportunities that St Giles We aim to ensure that we are a can provide fair and compassionate employer, whilst also ensuring our patients Develop ways of supporting our are our first priority. We recognise team’s resilience, in particular that our team have different needs our non-clinical team members, when it comes to time commitment, to increase their ability and working patterns, career choices confidence to live and work and family circumstances. with illness, dying and grieving We offer interesting and varied career opportunities with differing working patterns. For clinical staff, hospice care provides wide-ranging opportunities to deliver truly person-centred care combined with specialist skills.
We ensure that our team have the time, training and support required to provide excellent care. Jobs are advertised on our website but our turnover is low – so do keep popping back to have a look. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities whether working in our shops, supporting administrative functions, training to be a bereavement support volunteer, working as part of our reception team or supporting patients in our day activities or on our wards. If you are interested in volunteering please email: Build on the success of our changes to internal communications, helping everyone at St Giles feel a full and valued part of our team 6,118 hours per week donated by our volunteers in 2016 Page 11