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Older adults living in a community like Vero Beach, Florida span opposite continuums of lifestyle: from those who are able to generously donate their resources to help others to the seniors who genuinely need the assistance. Reasons for that assistance go far deeper than challenges of tomorrow by leaving a legacy today financial aid. Older adults living on very limited also means your options for giving live far beyond budgets frequently have to make tough decisions, gifts of cash. By electing to make a planned gift, you including whether to pay for medications or save ensure that SRA continues to carry out our mission the money to buy food or pay the power bill. No to promote independence and dignity by providing senior deserves to go hungry, go without basic life services to older adults and transporta- necessities, or be lonely. Charitable contributions that assist older adults help alleviate isolationism and loneliness – both of which contribute to a senior’s over- all physical and mental health. tion for all in Indian River County for years to come. In 2016, charitable donations allowed SRA to provide and deliver more than 100,000 Meals on Wheels, Emergency Meals on Wheels, and Wellness Checks to homebound seniors in Indian River County. For example, Meals on Wheels Our Legacy Planned Giving program offers something for just about everyone, including: BEQUESTS volunteers deliver more than Bequests are the backbone of a hot nutritious daily meal to our planned giving program and homebound seniors. The historically the most popular option used by our delivery also serves as a wellness and safety check, donors. Once you have named those you wish and it’s often the only human interaction the senior to receive certain property in your will, you could receives. For those older adults who can venture name the Senior Resource Association as a recipi- out, countywide Congregate Meal locations pro- ent of all or the remainder portion of your assets. vide them with an opportunity to socialize with others and receive a nutritious meal. One of Senior Resource Association’s (SRA) goals as we help donors decide how they will give to an organization is to make the relationship among planned giving gifts clear and accessible. Do you give outright? Make it part of your Estate plan? Life income? Each has its benefits, and what’s appropriate for one may not work for another. Helping non-profit organizations meet the CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST A Charitable Remainder Trust offers flexibility, an income stream for life or a term of years, and significant tax benefits to you and your heirs. A Charitable Remainder Trust is an irrevocable, tax-exempt trust in which you place assets to provide income for you during a specific period of time. At the end of that period, the remaining assets will be turned over to Senior Resource Association. SENIORRESOURCEASSOCIATION.ORG